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Tara and Sayako walked into the powerflight of early morning, neither having achieved much sleep, surrounded by the smells of thebodies and each other. Eyes squinting, Tara yawns and stretches her freshly christened body, each one of her holes filled with new experiences after her first foree into sex with a woman. Sayako smiled softly at Tara, at first she seemed reluctant but after cumming once, and some coaxing by Tara, she was eager to copulate and made ample use of her Plump vein-laced ladyprick. Tara felt rather proud of her accomplishment, although dead tired, and perhaps a little sore. Her first time with a giand she’s taken a fuand lively cock in each and every one of her holes. She’d known Sayako was special, but to behold her mighty 15 inch cock throb to life before her eyes was almost too much.
“Just uhmm, don’t temy sister…. about last night?” Sayako pleaded passively as she turned to face Tara
“Well, alright, does she not know about this little surprise?” Tara fondled Sayako’s groin teasingly
“N-No, that’s not it” she blushed a little brushing off Tara’s grabby fingers
“Oh my god…-”
“Tara I know that look-”
“Did yfuck yotwin sister with that huge thing? That’s so incestuous… and hot” Tara cooed, fanning herself with her hand
Sayako would sigh, tiredly “We just spent anight… doing it” she would whisper the last part “and aycan think of is Ayako…?”
“Uh Huh~ and tomorrow night, we’re going to do it again, at yoplace… when Ayako comes home from work”
“Why are yso stubborn?”
“Are ysaying no?”
“…No…” Sayako would pout.
“The reason I’m so.. dedicated… is because I really like you, crazy” Tara lifted Sayako’s chin up with her finger as she sipped her much needed coffee, beaming at a smatwang on her heartstrings looking at Sayako so pouty and cute, hiding such a monster in her pants (were she wearing any)

Girlfriends4Ever Girlfriends4Ever Girlfriends4Ever Girlfriends4Ever Girlfriends4Ever Girlfriends4Ever

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