Roundscape: Adorevia V2.2 from Kaliyo, Red Dakkar Adult PC Game.

Change log v2.2
New Content
New Quest Path added to reach Slinsk at the beginning of the game
New Area added "Flower Island" for male PC's including a new erotic scene with many variations
New erotic scene added to Castle Whitemoon for female PCs with Gajah
New Quest added for both genders, can be obtained at the warlock tower
New Class: Warlock
New erotic scene for male player characters including a female shortstack imp
New erotic scene for female palyers including a female shortstack imp
New erotic scene including our lovely succubus for both genders
New encounter with Clawyn for male PCs including an erotic scene and high affection variation
New Castle map location added: Whitemoon Forest
New Erotic scene added for the female PCs including our lovely succubus.
Several QoL Changes
New Encounter with Gajah added post act 2
New erotic scene added for male PCs after the meredith companion quest including a variation in case Meredith is corrupted
Collission bug fixed inside corrupted church
Clipping issue for the trees at the oakshire church map fixed
Selecting the "Crysis in Summeredge" quest in the questlog no longer results in a crash
Summeredge Teleportation Crystal fixed
Galhart now only leaves the party when entering the Summeredge Pub if your PC is male
The Oakshire Teleportation Crystal now appears in blue instead of white
Hippogriphon quest fixed
Xas Teleportation Crystal position fixed
Picture size for the meredith x carys scene fixed
Z-order issue fixed for door in Aguvil
Mini Labels no longer shown during Act III title card
Black Hand HQ lighting map and collission map fixed
Walking speed in mage guild increased
Collission map in "yakotin street" fixed
PC follower no longer visible after escaping the dark elf prison
Par Map in the Dam after using lever now works as intended
Good Ending collision maps fixed
Meredith Romance ending fixed
Building top left in Oakshire post act 2 is no longer burning
Parallax map in secret castle room fixed
You can't repeat the beatrice scene in the unknown realm anymore
Issue fixed where there were two instances of the warlock sprite
You can no longer be caught between the eggs after the fempc x insectoid queen scene in the cave below the castle
Collision maps in the deep mines fixed
You can now steal the gold in the slaver base
Battlebackground in Mayla's Quest fixed
Mayla's battle face picture fixed
correct ruksana dialogue shown after ritual in the orc cav

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what´s the difference between this 1.1 version and the others 1.1 versions i´ve found here?
i mean why does it have 1.7 gb and the others 1.9 gb? and what´s the difference to the downloads on mega?
the game now run on MV and it also have voices in it

Hi all!

It is time to announce probably the biggest change roundscape ever encountered. We're recreating the complete game in the RPG Maker MV Engine!

Why MV?
While VX Ace uses Ruby, a coding language especially created for RPG maker, the new MV Engine uses javascript. Everyone who has some knowledge on coding knows how much of a difference this will make. With javascript nearly everything is possible and the first build will show how much it improves the quality of the game.
Here's a list of the biggest changes you will see in the first MV build of Roundscape.
Bigger Resolution! We've increased the resolution by 50%. I'm sure everyone with bigger monitors will be happy about this change and everyone with resolution smaller than 1536 x 1152 doesn't need to worry, the game will automatically scale down.
ok look like I made a small mistake, the MV and probably the voice too is not implanted in
the game yet, it might be there next update
when i start the game, window pops open saying : " RGSS3 Player has stoped working ". Need help pls
how use cheat engine in this game? it's not working even if I use *2+1 or anyone here to share save with max money and stats or morality?
They used hidden variable on money, it behaves like big median.. simply google "cheat table" for this game. It´s not exactly easy to create one so i don´t expect you to do it by yourself.
does not start gives error "failed to load:data/Actors.json".Any ide what should i do?
MV uses a different engine (javascript and html) where the older versions like VX Ace used the Ruby engine. Over on ULMF, a user named Froggus came up with a save editor. There is an MvSaveFile exe that converts the rpgsave to json so it can edited and it will save it as rpgsave after you've edited the json file. With this method, it took me less than 30 seconds to modify my gold and experience.
yeah i know froggus and his save editor but administrators would not let me download it, even though I am a registered, so I found this save editor or something, but I can't use it. so if someone share this file here, that was great.
I would.... If I could upload it to anything BUT keep2share, fileboom, and uploaded.
and what about ? i'ts easy , free and better
Zippyshare is a great one to use if it's less than 200 mb. I'd have to break up a 3+ gig file into 200 mb chunks. That would mean up to 16 separate links and downloads. Unless I crank up the compression but that would also take a lot of time to do. Trouble is, if I get higher compression, it would tax lower-end systems.
ah damn it and what about I don't know if i read correctly but on Mega it was supposed to be 50 gigabytes free,last resort it is probably only torrent.
i found a link from "Friendlyork"
should save time for some people
people i need help .. this MV version laggs alot i cant play like this =\ do i need to install some driver or anything ?
Anyone have torrent? For 1.6?
Quote: ajankia01
i found a link from "Friendlyork"
should save time for some people

The link is actually:!jtB0QTpY!CSBJbf2yId-HO_I_6wkAGvA3nv-Gk39HAR6MbokGKtk

but its dead because of DMCA which sucks
Roundscape: Adorevia 1.6 does anyone know the mega link?
hi guys, may can i aks you guys about list quest in "Quest Journal" it only show quest for Mainstory?? another quest i don't see it ??
sorry for my bad English
Anyone got torrent or mega link?
Its version 1.5b not 1.7
This game contain any incest?
Quote: klopotz7
Its version 1.5b not 1.7

thats right
now is the right versio
I think waiting to final version best thing to do couse i m sick of download a new verison every 2 days
my memory and disk usage go crazy when i play the game wtf
This version is actually bugged WORSE than 1.7. They pretty much broke the game.
Quote: muttdoggy
This version is actually bugged WORSE than 1.7. They pretty much broke the game.

does the game play on your pc?
does anyone have a mega link for this? i tried finding one online but could not find one
theres actually an easier way to cheat rather than using save editor
i forgot the link but you can just search for the MV cheat script it work for all game

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