Porn Game: Silverbardgames – Nightgames + Mod Ver.

Last Update: Dec 27, 2016
Game + Mod new version
language - eng,
Nightgames is a Java game where you sexfight other coeds in a college campus.
The idea is you and the NPCs wander around on campus, and when you get into an encounter, you try to make each other orgasm until they give up.
It starts off vanilla but then opens up as you progress, unlocking this like succubus, magic, and other content.
The mod adds additional content on top of the original, with most of them dealing with transformation.
You can grow cocks/pussies/tentacles/etc to help you in your fight. It also enables you to play as different genders to start, but it's not as well supported because the original game assumes you are a guy in a lot of places.

Some tips:
- At level 10, visit the information broker to get more NPC competitors
- Develop affection with other NPCs by visiting them in the day time. At higher affections, the NPCs will allow you to gift them clothing and change their outfit. Also, some of the NPCs unlocks body transformations at higher affections.
- Fights end when either of your willpowers is reduced to 0 AND you orgasm (fill the arousal bar).
- Lower your opponent's willpower by making them cum (fill the arousal bar)
- Only doing dealing pleasure damage will make them orgasm, but tempting them or arousing them will make their arousal meter overflow, increasing the amount of willpower loss for that orgasm.
- Certain skills can seal the opponent's ability to cum, which allows you to force a higher willpower loss via arousal meter overflow.

Just download, unzip and run the jar. You only need java 8 (no need for base game)

If you try to run it but nothing happens, most likely you do not have Java 8 installed.
Get it here:
- Redid the status panel a bit. The status panel should now scroll and the inventory was moved to its own window
- once again, stopgap solution
- Shortened some of the longer text choices as a stopgap measure to stop buttons from getting hidden.
- Will need to come back to this later for a real solution...
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash bug with mind control
- Fixed a crash bug with invitation
- (may be related to pets, but it may still show up. I changed it to display an error message instead of outright crashing)
- Fixed fiery pussy making the owner of the dick hurt himself instead of the opponent hurting him
- Fixed dirty fighter affecting self inflicted pain
- Fixed willpower losses displaying for all NPCs when out of combat
- Frottage and Ass fuck now requires being able to reach bottom
- Facefuck and facesit now requires being able to reach top
- Deflate knot now requires user to be able to respond
- PC usage of smoke bomb is no longer free
- NPCs now no longer summon a female imp when trying to summon a male one.
- Same with faeries

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