Porn Game: Pillars of Perversion from cthulhuean English

Update Date: 30.07.2016
Version: 0.3.4
Language Game : English
It's a kinky RPG about fighting, fucking, breeding and questing with monster slaves.
There's boobs, dicks and butts everywhere, and some pretty fun quests too.
- Player stable w/ monster bonding & breeding functionality
- Upgradeable player houses have been replaced with aforementioned stable
- All monsters are now capped at level 1 and selling is temporarily disabled
- Revamped monster palettes with support for race specialisations as well as inheritance. The palettes themselves are less hideous now too (sorry guys, no more metallic purple Minotaur cocks)
- A whole bunch of mostly invisible code/system improvements for the following combat update
- Gylve, Maeve and Torm were victims of an alchemical experiment gone wrong and have temporarily transformed into Succubi. We're currently working on a cure

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What exactly is the point of this game?? Because when ye start out, ye are just a shape of either a male or female with no bodily features other than the generic shape of the gender's average body type. there's no being inside buildings like the pictures show on here. Ye can't talk with your followers & half of the NPCs in the game. There's no tutorial so ye step into the game no knowing what ye are supposed to do or what can even be done in the game.. The only good things about this is the graphics & that it's translated to English (which is certainly not good enough reasons to play a game that looks like it isn't even close to being worthy of being called a Demo). Bottom Line: The pictures are a lie & are nothing but false advertisement, the game itself looks like someone just thought up an idea & completed it to 10% (& that's being generous saying that) & then uploaded it calling it a game (which it can't even be called a Demo). My Advice: Stay far away from this garbage until it gets A LOT MORE completed than what it is now.
@bearclaw Just a heads up it is still Pre-Alpha

The entire game is poorly balanced, but the beginning is especially bad. This is something I'll be improving with every update. Feedback like this is a huge help, so thank you :) BTW, when I start a new game, I usually buy the shack, Invest in either Minotaur or Succubus, buy the cheapest one and go out and start breeding and then selling children. Running back and forth to do so gets tedious pretty quickly but I'm working on it :)"

Thats a hint from the creator on what to do. i still havent figured out how to breed but its possible to buy a monster, attack with it and breed somehow. i agree theres no instructions or tutorials on telling you what to do but just try everything

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