Porn Game: Cursed Armor Version 1.9760 by Wolfzq

In this game, you play as an innocent girl chasing her dreams, who is chosen by a demon of lust. She is forced to wear a cursed crown(the first form of Cursed Armor), and goes on an adventure to remove the curse. We invite the player to experience her journey and find out if she sinks into corruption or realizes her dream!

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Cursed Armor Version 1.9760 by Wolfzq

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I cann't play this game, It said " can not excuted file........exe. exe is it missing?
try to extract tha game to the excat place where the zip file is.If nothing works than try running game from the zip file directly.
Please share patreon version with the less fortunate, i need
i need the cosplay or walktroungh pls
Quote: Padovano
Please share patreon version with the less fortunate, i need
i need the cosplay or walktroungh pls

no one will share the new version with Patreon only content unless you want the one who made it rage around and sent a spam mail to you to take it down lol
Thanks, but there is no way to have all the patreon clothes
Hello, I am wolfzq, if this file is my 1.9+ version of patreon, please delete it.
You can release 1.4 version ,but not 1.5 +.
If you like my game and do not want to see me stop update English version you must delete it before next month 1st!
Thx for patreon my game, but not to release it! Friend, if you are my friend...
Quote: wolfzq
Wolfzq Cursed Armor

Dude! This is the Internet, if people want things for free, they want things for free, if you like it or not, also you are way over acting on this on your Patreon, also I know a few people from Patreon is uploading your game to other sites, so others can plays your game for free & enjoys them as well, seriously, you needs to chill out, there will be other people will & always finds your game one way or the other, if you like it or not, again, this is the internet we are talking about, you need to shop acting like a child & grow up, the world isnt what you think it is, people will gets things in the way they want it, you are fighting against the internet & you will lose, if you keeps this up, let people that buys your game & uploads it to other sites, so others can enjoys it, be happy that people are playing your game even if they didnt buy it, you cant have your cake & eat it to, so lives with it please, I do enjoys your game, like many others on here & at other sites as well, be happy that your making others happy of they playing your game, okay, anyways you have people giving you money for your game, be happy & thankful for it, also be happy & thankful people are giving you credit for your game & not making a profit off of it, look at the brighter sides of things in life, dont go & jump the gun on things, because that isnt good at all, when you do, Hell if i were like you, i'll be happy as pigs rolling in mud, if this happened & people are giving me credit fro my game, at the very least, my game will lives on forever in the internet, even after im dead, thats immortality, when your being remembered after you are dead, anyways, please think of what I said to you please, im just trying to show you a brighter side of things with this okay, take care, have fun & please be safe you hear! XOXO ♥
are you stupid or something? you know the site has policies to deal with contain creators that don't want their contain on the site and making attacks on wolfzq will only result in his only releasing a Chinese version game without english translation. do you even think before you act? wolfZQ has all the right to ask fore this game to be taken down as well as the right to fill out the forum to have it taken down

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