Porn Game: NymphoKyun – SlaveBar Ver 18.05.25

// Story
The story evolves around a human-slave in a world ruled by the noble race of elfs. Our protagonist takes over a bar and transforms it into an h-bar, in which are served dishes made of body fluids (cum,saliva,sweat...). These fluids are collected thru h-acts with the 'ingretient-bearer', the coupling usually is based on the gained/found recipes for the 'fetish dishes'. Apart from taking care of the bar and subjucating deeper into lust your slaves, you'll need to hunt and and tame more slaves (which usually require a special approach described in their recipe). Also there will be a lot of mysteries to explore, secrets to uncover and abilities to learn.
- Cow x Horse anim as futa (can be tested as Nishy via ground mastb arrouse)

- Poll Anim: Cow x Hound + extra (2'nd place as a bonus anim ; 2 loops, 2 endings)

- Building Menu redone: replacing popup with live props selection (something like with Slaves Shop)
Buildings Lvling available (works with equipped to milking parlor)
Upgrade price progression
Conditions to build (requirements of other constructions to be built or specific lvls from a certain construction)
- Milking parlor: lvling up, multiple milking parlors (unlocked based on conditions)
As of now it gives no bonuses, just visual change
- Atmosphere Color-tints (greenish, normal, other colors tints) : fluidly blending from one to another

- Cloths break
break on first forced attack
state is saved (game load and undress)
- Several new effects: burst on cloths tear, stun overhead anim

- Undressing polished + added all the other items (lockable for char progression)
only panties will stay as a separate mesh (animated and influeced by wetness), the rest will be stocked in a bag
- Save and load spawned/left items on the map
on each new day there's a 40% chance of it dissapearing (being stolen)
- New icons for several items (bucket, cls:upper,lower,access)

- Stun state and teared cloths detection

- Polished male detection and assault (on Hound)
Now: detect > wait in attack pose>(your distance from him changed more then 5 units or you waited more then 10 sec) he chases his target > (if Normal cls) break cloths + stun for 8 seconds / (if Teared cls) rape
- Dripping if aroused (higher then 60%) and panties are off (only Nishy)

- Cloths repair terminal (cash to restore teared cloths)

- Controls Tips
Can be toggled On/Off in Pause>Controls>Tips
More tips where added in popups and hActs
- Bugs fixed
Wet cloths for nishy, overdressing panties, saving panties off, ftaMode while crouched, stats while hact, pause menu controls, endless male hActs, no stamina hacts with males, pause menu - dissapearing graphics, closing dialogue history with 'v' key, autoUncall slave when stamina is 0, tutorial recipe dialogue, other smaller ones
- Stallion: Taming BlowJob
Use Shift + Interact (LMB) to trigger that animation
- Hound added to SlaveShop

- Unequip command (when only 1 fapet is equipped to mParlor : MMB>RMB>Unequip)

- Polished Nishy's erection

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NymphoKyun – SlaveBar Ver 18.05.25

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