Porn Game: Avenger - Son of a bitch! v0.22 Rus/Eng/PC+version 1d + a lot more

Suddenly, the renovation was long-suffering and was done for a long time, well, the main thing she came out. A lot of technical work was done and the content part did not suffer, and even it turned out a little more than in the usual update. In general, all those. part was conducted additionally without affecting the overall content of the game.
-Fixed phone pictures
-Fixed the Club events/movies with Alena (please note one video is missing and I can't do anything about it, fortunately not one of the important ones ;-) )
Those. part
You can start with the fact that all the videos in the game were optimized for more than 4 thousand with copecks, due to this game and lost about 40%, at the moment all 22 updates weigh 7igov. In addition, now the game should quickly load the vidos themselves, because they have become easier, the remnants of hyphos on video have been replaced with this case. Also, some old photos were changed, they were made better and more atmospheric than before. There is a view of the Persians on the locations or the replacement of the sloppy for the more accurate, the only part of the photos of the very first four Persians remained unchanged.

Also partially corrected the spelling, although there is still much to edit for the game comes up to 6 Lyamov characters (in 23 updates will pass for 6 Lyamov), so the comrades who sent me editing edits to the post, you can send further in the next update, correct.
Now let's talk about more ordinary things for updates, there is a new location on which big plans. This strip club "Red Heat!" Already in this update there is enough moving, so it's not empty, there are added mini systems of strip shows and private shows, a minor Persian + something else, I will not tell you myself :)

Next, there are trivia such as changing the flow of time, sound in the game, changing the display location by time, adding goods to the shopping center, etc. they will all be written in a dry list from below, and by the way I have long promised to add verses from comrades, appeared you can pougarat who have not yet seen them, the authors of the poems pointed (nicks), if suddenly you do not want your nickname there to be displayed on your mail, I'll clean it in a new update.

T. Nastya
With her added a direct sequel, there is a fork to different branches, but the continuation of these branches will already be in the next updates.

Slinnyashka will also get on the nut and not only, the direct continuation and expansion of current events in the game + is a hint, although if you carefully read the text then you already know what it's all about with her :)

With it, events were added from two branches at once, direct extension + extension, and mini events were added to start the game. How often it will interact with other Persians.

Mercantile girl will receive her direct continuation, while one branch is developing with her, therefore in a certain place there will be only one choice, in the future another branch will be added.

An experienced bitch will continue to live on a broad scale, so that the hero will come in handy a lot of dough, but nothing our Serega still gets his :) With it there is a direct continuation of the main line of events.

Our hero continues to support the head teacher in a difficult moment, an experienced aunt is able to assess help and support, unlike the young ungrateful virgins, a direct continuation of the main line of events.

Krasavitsa also gets a direct development of her main branch, it happens after help in organizing the party, Serega needs to forge the iron while it's hot, the bridgehead is ready to act, Alena is not a very simple girl, so read the text carefully for she will check you :)

It seems that I will not forget, there will be a secondary Persian about whom I mentioned above, but usually only the main ones are written here, so he was left deprived, but not forgotten :) You can end on a good note of the volume of the update, such as approximately 420 thousand characters and 360 vidos, I usually do not write a video for you can see them in the update, but this time there will be a general multimedia archive of all 22 updates, so it will be problematic to do this.

Infa for English-speaking!
Translated update in English will come out in a few days!

Below, as always a detailed list:
- Partially corrected spelling (Russian version)
- Replaced the remaining gifki on the video
- Optimized video (reduced the total weight of the game by 40%)
- Partially optimized audio (reduced their weight + they should quickly work)
- Partially replaced the old photos with new ones (improved quality and surroundings + added new ones)
- added cheat on cancellation of daily events (passage of stability can not be guaranteed)
- changed the course of time in the lobby of the uni
- now location displayed regardless of the time
- partly changed music and sound level but Mr club
- Added poems comrades (possible section will be expanded up to you :)) (Russian version)
- Reworked the disclaimer at the start of the game
- Added a new product in the shopping center
- Added a new location in Chkalovsky, strip club - "Red Heat"
- Added a mini system of striptease show in the common room
- Added a mini system of private shows
- Added a secondary character and events with it
- Added continuation of events with t. Nastya
- Events have been added to the room
- Events have been added to the bedroom
- Added events to Yana
- Added events during the walk
- Events in the bedroom have
been added to it. - Events have been added to the kitchen.
- Events with her bedroom
- with her added us events on the coast
- Added continuation of the main and alternative branches of events with Zhenya
- Events with her in her bedroom
were added with her. - Events in the kitchen
were added with her. - Events were added in the kitchen. -
Events in the bedroom
were added.
- Added events in Chkalovsky . events with Vika
- Events with the hall
added to it - Events in the bedroom
added to it - Events in the bath
added to it - Events added during the massage
- Added events to Julia
- Added a second bedroom in the house
- Added a pool near the house
- Now we can t sleep at her home
- with her added to the event in the hall
- Added events in the bedroom
with her - Events with her in the bathroom
added - Events in the kitchen
added to it - Events added by the pool
- Events with her added on the street
- Events with the house added to her
- Events with the center added city
- Added continuation of events with Lizaveta
- Added events to the bar
- Added events at the pool
- Added events at her home
- Added continuation of events with Alena
- Added events in the nightclub
- She added events in the bowling
- With her added events at her house

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Avenger - Son of a bitch! v0.22 Rus/Eng/PC+version 1d + a lot more

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