Viziers Shame from Aephrosi Adult PC Game.

updated date: August 1, 2016
language English
Your succubus mother is the Vizier of this fiend nation.
As a middle child, born weak, you were rusticated.
Your deficiencies hidden to spare your family disgrace.

Now, you are her only surviving heir.
Your siblings, despite their power, all met fateful ends.
You'll be trained in secret with the weight of your lineage on you.

Don't fuck it up.

You're the runt child of the Succubus Vizier. All your siblings are recently dead and you're the only remaining heir. You need to prove yourself through training in secret with the Intelligence Service.

You'll need to show that you're capable of carrying out tasks that make the Intelligence Service and your mother, the Vizier, look good.

The city-state where the game starts is a dimensional nexus. Recently a portal has opened up to a small realm which had been lost for a few hundred years. After your brief initial training, you'll be sent there to assess the situation and hopefully re-establish links to harvest lust.

Lust is what powers the city in your home dimension, and it must be collected and transferred back through the dimensional portals.

Upon arrival, you'll find that you've been "summoned" that is, a ritual was performed to open the portal to your dimension.

The "summoner" used to be a breeder in the society here. Breeders are kept away from most of society as they know the pleasures of the flesh. The strict religious establishment maintains control in part by controlling sexual desire. This breeder managed to escape and sought to learn more about these pleasures. Traveling the lands, this breeder happened upon an old seer who had knowledge of the times before the current religious regime. The seer took the breeder with him and introduced a book outlining a ritual to summon a being of lust.

This breeder spent years acquiring the components needed for the ritual and found a suitably hidden location to perform it deep within a cave system.

It is unfortunate for the breeder however as soon after the preparations were made, groups of (bandits/goblins/idkwtf yet) found the two entrances to the cave system and are now at war for control of it.

Low on supplies, and near delirious from the strain caused by the ritual performance, the breeder is fully dependent on your handling the cave war situation in whatever manner you deem appropriate or viable.

After that, there's the refugee camp, and gaining access to the city, and taking on the religious establishment. Probably all while building up you cave base and recruiting adherents to your own sex religion if you choose to have them believe you are the new god and liberator. It gets a little fuzzier this far out :)

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