Porn Game: Life Choices Version 0.8.4 by Burningsun

Version 0.8.4 changelog - 19/05/2018
New Feautures/Updates:
- Converted the game to Sugarcube 2.x. - MANY thanks to greyelf once again, this time for helping me sort a lot of issues while converting the game. FAB! Ty to HiEv & newport_georgeg as well for poking me to change it!
- A lot of 'time-heavy-behind-the-scenes' cleanups & changes related to both the change from Sugarcube 1.x to 2.x as well as other changes that were due.
- Inventory menu has been improved by including hover over text for all items saying what they are as well as additional information if applicable.
- Inventory Icons have been pimped! Hope you like 'm.
- Added several additional interface options in the options menu and updated some of the old ones:
Fade; Toggling this option will result in the new pages fading in, rather than to simply appear instantly.
Inventory Icon size; Select the icon size best fitting your screen here; Large, medium or small (default).
Themes; Select a colour theme of your choosing. Black, white, blue, pink, or something else? It's your choice.
Autosave; Toggling this option will result in the game autosaving at the start of every day.
Video size; Select the play-size of the videos best fitting you screen here; XLarge, Large, Medium, Small (default) or XSmall.
Passage & Side Menu Width; Choose your preferred passage and side menu width here.
- Added the possibility to toggle whether or not to use makeup after having a shower - effectively cancelling the need to apply makeup separately unless you want to/need to go heavy on it. You can toggle whether or not you want to use all or only one or two of the different makeup items after having a shower as well as selecting to never use it, always use it, or only use it when working - that last one was tricky but got it to work! Find the toggles on the new Diary page (ONLY visible after you have acquired the appropriate item). The toggle to use condoms and the pill (In future version) are also located on the new Diary page. The new side page 'Diary' is not complete. Had to pull part of it for this version. Will be showing notes about all the people Lizzy knows in the next version, so for now it ONLY shows the buttons.
- Added new items to the local shop;
Bodywash; It will increase your hygiene (+5) when taking a shower.
Razor; It will increase your 'BaseLooks' (+3) for 25 days, ''IF'' you shave regularly.
- Added the possibility to choose your name at the start of the game (snif snif bye Lizzy!). If you fire up a save game from a previous version go to your Character page to set your name!
- Autosave function rewritten and hopefully fixed; always present and no lag? Fingers crossed. - ty greyelf for helping me making it persistent after closing & re-opening the game.
- Updated the shower passage. It now gives you more options when having a shower depending on each event. All events have been adjusted to show proper images matching your current health status & choice (i.e. On your period or not, horny, quick shower etc). You may not notice a big difference but it was a needed change (for future versions) and a big job.
- Updated all the 'work' passages. It is now a lot easier (provided there are enough vids/gifs) for me to add more variety to the scenes which you can already notice right now. It was done in order to be able to add more variety to the outcome of the scenes (no longer will Lizzy get a creampie after every single job) and to be able to easily add pregnancy related content which will come at V0.9.0.
- Overhaul of the folder structure to accompany this change; new Data download is required and old one can be removed.
- Also updated the 'work' a little. You have to get some experience giving hand jobs before being confident enough to give blowjobs, before giving full service jobs.
- It is now possible to purchase any Hair, Nail or Scrub treatment, even though there are still some days left; Your hair looks fine for 2 more days; Buying a new treatment ''__resets__'' it to 15 days. - ty Baneslayer
- Finished the flower job cliffhangers. There are 4 paths in total of which three will lead to 'special encounters';
You may be forced to 'work' for Faoud. Will you pay him the weekly fee, or not? Or will you perhaps pay him everything in one go to get rid of the debt? Make a wise choice Lizzy!
You may be forced to do particular 'fashion shoots'. Will you obediently let yourself be filmed by our dear friend Donny?
You may end up as a special 'go-to-person' for Faoud and his men.
Or will you perhaps somehow be able to 'smart' your way out of the encounter?
- Studying the map is now in a separate popup-screen.
- The local pub has finally finished refurbishing and is now open for business. Some parts are still under construction, but there is already some interesting stuff to do here for Lizzy.
- Added one more (bad) ending. There are now 10 in total.
- Lots of other stuff.

Pre-release 'Testing-phase' fixes
- Removed some old code causing an error when trying to call anyone. - ty Thereisnospoon & Aloysia
- Both the bodywash as well as the razors now will stack and not be limited to a certain amount. - ty Thereisnospoon, Tanaxanth & Aloysia
- Corrected inconsistency in text when offered a 'job' at the healthclub gym. - ty Aloysia
- Corrected several video's not playing. - ty philjd & Aloysia
- Corrected an error that could occur during a certain pool event. - ty Aloysia
- Corrected an error that would occur when taking a massage or full body massage. - ty Aloysia
- Fixed an error that would occur during a certain mug-event in town. - ty Aloysia
- Cleaned up several textual errors - ty Thereisnospoon
- Bug in the pub causing an event not being able to be triggered is now fixed. - ty Thereisnospoon
- Fixed a blank video issue when 'working' in the archive. - ty otmar
- Fixed a coding error that would result in a wrong filepath to be created when 'working' at the beach. ty Aloysia
- Fixed a nasty bug that would result in a permanent health loss every morning when waking up. - ty Tanaxanth
- Killed several spelling errors. - ty Maxine_D

Other Bugfixes
- Removed an obsolete '/' in the code. - ty newport_georgeg
- Fixed a video that was still in MP4 format. - ty newport_georgeg

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Life Choices Version 0.8.4 by Burningsun

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