Porn Game: Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2 Version 0.2.3


- I believe I can safely say that I have fixed the bugs that were preventing Mac players from launching the game. I have tested 0.2.3 on OSX. The multitude of compatibility issues I found while fixing this were probably the same bugs preventing Linux players from launching the game. While I haven't been able to personally test on Linux yet, I suspect that the Linux builds should be working properly now, too. Please let me know.
- It is now possible to skip the drone tutorial with the "skipdrone" console command.
- I have started integrating a fur shader. Currently, this fur shader is applied to ALL characters, including characters that shouldn't have fur, like dragons and raptors. The fur is also disabled while wearing clothes, until I finish the clipping culler. This is obviously not a finished system. It is possible to modify your characters fur from the colors/patterns menu in the advanced character editor.
- As part of the shader overhaul, characters now support normal mapped details. This is yet another unfinished system that will not be properly filled out until Phase 3. With that said, however, you can tinker with the options currently available in the advanced character editor, and you can expect to see more options in the next update, as I finish adding support for swappable detail areas, so that different characters have different detail maps based on their anatomy.
- As part of the shader overhaul, I have started stripping away certain elements of the embellishment and appendage (hair) systems. All of the existing species definitions still have embellishments and hair that often look ridiculous and out of place with the new shader. Once again, this is obviously not a finished system.

- KNOWN BUG: From a distance, the new character shader fails and displays "missing texture magenta"
- KNOWN BUG: When you are ghosted out during an interaction, then fade back to your normal material, your clothing becomes fuzzy.

- Thanks to some recent [good] changes to Unity's game cycle, I am in the process of overhauling the timing of the physics system - specifically how it interacts with the IK system. This process is not finished, and you are likely to run into bugs and goofy behavior. When it's finished, however, this should dramatically improve both performance and animation smoothness/quality.
- As part of the overhaul described above, the jittery behavior of bellies and tails should now be slightly smoothed out, but not entirely fixed.
- It is now possible to facefuck a test subject in the Stocks apparatus.
- Adjusted the tail shape editor to allow a little more variety and better-looking short-tailed characters.
- A new setting in the options menu allows you to control how sensitive to stimulation your test subjects are, in general.
- In order to accomodate more interactions, especially between characters of very different sizes, the lab floor is now equipped with several platforms that will automatically emerge and lift the player to the appropriate height for each interaction, when necessary.

- Several bugs have been fixed:

- 0000194: [Bugs] Hairstyles don't load in RackNet viewer
- 0000250: [Bugs] Important Asset Missing, Missing Translations
- 0000269: [Bugs] Unable to play Linux build
- 0000296: [Bugs] "IMPORTANT_ASSET_MISSING" on game launch, file never rebuilds, can't access gameplay
- 0000332: [Bugs] TextureLayerUI opacity slider doesn't init
- 0000331: [Bugs] Tail properties don't build correctly on the first load; rebuild required
- 0000330: [Bugs] Two screenshots are captured on a single key press
- 0000329: [Bugs] Character bites down during SECOND blowjob interaction
- 0000328: [Bugs] Hip roll on table facefuck
- 0000318: [Bugs] RackNet previews load but then zoom way out
- 0000315: [Bugs] Cunnilingus reciving setting avaible for character without a pussy (V2.2)
- 0000313: [Bugs] Pussy selction of female characters don't stimulate anymore in V2.2 (Vaginal giving)
- 0000327: [Bugs] Penis length polls incorrectly after first insertion, causes unusual behavior
- 0000226: [Bugs] Female player sex organs do not fill climax bar on hands free automatic.
- 0000283: [Bugs] a creepy but hilarious bug
- 0000245: [Bugs] Flat chests have holes in them

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Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2  Version 0.2.3

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