Porn Game: Rack 2 Version 0.2.10 Win32/64/Mac/Linux by Fek

Hey folks! Found and fixed the magenta bug / missing shader issue. Turns out the latest Unity update changed the way that shaders get packaged up, and some vital shaders weren't being included.
- The new "tiptoe" system is finished and functional. This system has to do with the way bondage devices are raised or lowered to accomodate differently-sized characters. Before, each interaction had a hardcoded value, and these hard-coded values tended to fail at extreme size differences. The new system is interaction-agnostic: it reads the performing character's current position to determine whether the apparatus should be raised or lowered, based on how they're squatting, tiptoeing, scrunching or stretching their neck or arms, and a few other similar factors. This system is mostly functional and polished for many factors, but still needs a little cleanup / magic, especially when detecting awkward head angles (like licking the feet of a subject on a rack chair that's particularly low to the ground).

- Improvements have been made to IK during interactions where the head and another body part are both mounted (for instance, the kissing interaction on the Rack Chair). These improvements also roll back to interactions that use only the head, including oral interactions.

- You can now toggle between four camera modes during interactions: default (a ghosted view from the approach direction, through your character), free spin, first person, and subject view. Like everything else in this game, these systems are functional, but not polished or perfected. Trying to use first person while performing an oral interaction will result in disaster.

- You can now load specific test subjects that you've added to your favorites by speaking with your client manager.

- Although there are no animal-style female genitals in the game, yet, the fetish/preference toggle for animal-style genitals has been split into two separate toggles: one for female genitals and one for male genitals.

- The bug in the bug tracker has been resolved, and the bug tracker is now back online.

- A wiki has been set up, but there's not much on it yet:

- Some bugs have been fixed.

- 0000427: Small Specimen Container Cannot Be Placed

- 0000435: Inability to place specimen cooler

- 0000430: Placing embelishments on top of each other soft-locks game

- 0000437: Cannot edit key bindings

- 0000432: Clients clip through rack when penetrated

- 0000450: All client racks go straight to the floor when penetration occurs.

- 0000469: Table anal penetration broken

- 0000462: Attempting anal on a table breaks your character and traps you in that interaction.

- 0000477: Outdated / deprecated fetishes and preferences are still displayed in menu, causing translation errors

- 0000465: Choices for sub-interactions are labeled as "Interaction_"

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Rack 2 Version 0.2.10 Win32/64/Mac/Linux by Fek

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