Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2 Version 0.1.9 Adult PC Game.

OS: Windows 7 x64
Windows 7 x32
"Preferences framework, emotes, specimen collection" - January 23, 2017
- The preferences/fetishes framework is complete. Only a few fetishes/preferences are available, for testing, but the system is complete. You can toggle the debug display with F2 to see how the test subject is reacting to their experience.
- You can now see a list of each test subject's most prominent preferences in the test subject selection menu. You can also see how heavily they weigh each category of preferences: attraction, experiences, and sensations.
- The emote framework is in place, with a handful of test emotes. This framework is not polished, and you will probably see lots of emotes at incorrect times.
- The specimen production framework is complete. Test subjects will now produce different kinds of specimen based on how you interact with them:
- Canidine (red): Produced when a test subject is experiencing something familiar and safe. For maximum canidine production, use a preferred fetish/toy, a partner they find attractive, and give the subject a no-surprises sexual experience.
- Felinium (orange): Produced when a test subject is trying new things. For maximum felinium production, try to indulge a subject's latent (or secret) fetishes and preferences, or introduce them to a toy they've never used before.
- Lapinine (yellow): Produced when a test subject receives uninhibited sexual gratification. For maximum lapinine production, try to achieve orgasm as quickly and as frequently as possible.
- Scalium (green): Produced when a test subject experienes pain, overstimulation, or a sexual experience they dislike. For maximum scalium production, find a test subject who enjoys pain/overstimulation, or hire a paid research subject and give them an unfavorable sexual experience.
- Equimine (blue): Produced when a test subject is edged out over long, drawn out sexual experiences. For maximum equimine production, try to hold the subject near the edge of orgasm for a long time before giving them release.
- Avium (purple): Produced when a test subject feels gratification from being sexually useful to someone else. For maximum avium production, find a test subject who enjoys satisfying their partner, then use them to achieve your own orgasm.
- The objective tracking framework is in place, and test subjects will all spawn with a couple of objectives, for testing.
- We have reached a deal with Mick Ono to use sergals in Rack 2.
- A "hands-free automatic" control mode has been added.
- I have set up a multithreading framework, which will finally allow me to move some of the CPU-intensive functions onto separate threads, improving game performance. The only thing that is currently operating on a thread is the objectives tracker, but I'd eventually like to move some of the more expensive behavior onto threads. I'd especially like to move IK to its own thread, since it's the most expensive operation right now, but that may require a tremendous amount of work rewriting/modifying the IK plugin I use.
- Known bug/issue: after updating Unity, the lightmap needed to be rebuilt, and I've baked it at a lower quality so I can get a build out before I fly out of town. As a result, the lighting may look a little strange, especially in the test rooms.
- A few bugs have been fixed:
- 0000135: [Bugs] Threads continue running after application exit, causing crashes on next start
- 0000116: [Bugs] Segfault on exit
- 0000124: [Bugs] Game hangs when quitting
- 0000134: [Bugs] Inertia tensor must be greater than zero

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