The Light Of Shina from asani Adult PC Game.

Release Date: 11/03/2016,
Version: 0.01
Development: Alpha/Demo
Language: English,
Orig PC Gender: Male
The Demon Queen Shina was finally slain in battle by the newly crowned King Trian Anseren, though in the final battle she gave both a dire warning to the warriors who claimed to be fighting for the light.
She foretold that the destruction of darkness would imbalance the world, for light can only exist whilst darkness remains, should the darkness of the world be destroyed, the light would fall along with it.
The very fabric of their entire world would fall into disarray, their very world would plunge into an eternal eclipse, a state without light or darkness, an eternal realm where no life could remain.
Slowly the very world would begin to wither and die, however she spoke of a hope that could save the world. She had hidden her most precious thing, her light in the realm of the mortals.
So long as the single light remained to cast its shadow, the world would not fall, but should that light be extinguished, the world would end.
Without darkness their cannot be light, without light there cannot be darkness, without the balance, the rise of the sun, on the second century of your so called peace, your world will begin to wither.
Should my light not be found, should it fade and be lost forever, the world will end.
The last words of the Demon Queen would be left to linger in the hearts and minds of the king and his allies.
Almost twenty years have passed since that day, and it seemed her warning bore much fruit, for it seemed the the eternal eclipse was drawing near, already the light was starting to fade and soon the world would fall along with it.
Many scholars had researched into the light, but none could find truth to its origin or even what the light was, but one thing was clear. If the light could not be found in time, their would would come to an end.
Our band of heroes must find the light of Shina to save their world, meanwhile a strange group is trying to find the light for themselves. What makes the light so important and what is it everyone is after.
A band of heroes hire a scholar a simple bookworm, Xeon Silverwind, to try and find the light of Shina, little do they know what they will truely find as the delve deep into the mystery that surrounds this world.
All will be revealed as the Heroes delve deeper into the mystery, but are they truely prepaired for what they will find.

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