Kravenar Games - The Legend of Versyl Version 0.3b Adult PC Game.

In this story YOU can change the events based on your will. Your character got a Car Crash after losing job and breaking up with his girlfriend and wakes up in a World between the "World of The Livings" and the "World of The Deads"... to survive and come back to the World of the Livings he makes a deal with this Spirit called Versyl, bonding his soul to the Versyl's spirit.
Now you come back from the dead as immortal human with amazing powers of Mind Control ready to get your Revenge or Save the world from a Dark fate! Choose wisely.
Here's the Changelog for TLOV v0.3b!

Added New User Menu Interface (totally reworked)
Added New Equip Menu Interface (totally reworked)
Added New Battle System (totally reworked)
Added New Party Status Menu Interface (totally reworked)
Added Realtime Stats Meter (Power, Soul Purity, Soul Corruption)
Added QuestLog! (It will get a little time to write down all quests!)
Added New Location: WoL Main City - West District
Added New Location: WoL Main City - Seaside
Added New Sprites for: Rupert's Home, Miriam's Home, Stepmother's Home, Mayor's Home, MC's Home, MC family's chapel in WoL Main City
Added New Main plot progression: Let's Save Versyl from his Curse!
Fixed some grammatical errors
Fixed "can't get height size of -" error (unless you're using cheat engine lol)
Fixed the bug in Hospital main plot battle
Fixed Party Characters when traveling to Darkness from Versyl's Shrine
Added Books of Knowledge in Library accessible from the Main City in WoL
Added Queen of Spider's Dungeon
Added Miriam Side Quest
Added New Characters in The WoL main City
Added new character in Middleworld's Main City: Moira
Added new character in Middleworld's Main City: Seryin
Added new brothel worker: Monica
FINALLY Added Keyboard Commands configuration Option (from Options Menu)
Changed save option on Player's Menu (now you can choose between Save and Load.)
Tweaked Battle Features
Added After Battle Level-Up Screen (Now shows what is improving once you level up)
Woofo Mini-SideQuest: Now you can use your dog to find items around world(s)! smile
Added Gaining Item pop-up feature (Now it displays a popup when you get an item from somewhere (a table, a chest, etc.)
Shops in WoL are now closed at night
Fixed Day and Night system in WoL main City
Added item: Family Chapel's Key
Added Potions that add buffs:
- Lesser Potion of Power,
- Lesser Potion of Physical Resistance,
- Lesser Potion of Magic Power,
- Lesser Potion of Magic Resistance,
- Lesser Potion of Speed,
- Lesser Potion of Luck,
- Potion of Power,
- Potion of Physical Resistance,
- Potion of Magic Power,
- Potion of Magic Resistance,
- Potion of Speed,
- Potion of Luck,
- Grand Potion of Power,
- Grand Potion of Physical Resistance,
- Grand Potion of Magic Power,
- Grand Potion of Magic Resistance,
- Grand Potion of Speed,
- Grand Potion of Luck
Added Mother's Home Mini-Side Quest [Items Quest \ Laundry \ Garbage]
Added New Party Character: Emma!
Added WoG - Surrender Ending
Added WoL - Surrender at the Hospital Ending
Added Teleport Consumable Items:
- World of Living's Feather
- Middleworld's Feather
- World of Death's Feather
- World of Gods Feather
Removed Yellow Crystals
Added Possibility to Craft Items! (From the added Alchemist in Middleworld)
Added Location: Holy Flame Inn's 1st Floor
Added Location: The Sparrow's Inn's 1st Floor
Added Location: The Ancient Hill
Added Location: The Bridge To Rashna
Added Location: Wild Path
Added Location: Family Chapel
Added Location: MC's Home Attic
Added Enemies: Night Slayer, Ghost, Hunting Horror
Fixed\Added initial equipment for party characters
Added Queen of Spiders to party characters
Added Gara H+ Quest in Holy Flame's Inn
Added Mom H Scene
Added Ulyana + Mom Threesome H Scene
Added Experimental H Scenes Switch (Change View Option, instead of Veronika scenes we preferred to insert this feature for this release)
Added Smartwatch now tells what time of day it is!+
Added NewGame+ switch from the computer at MC's home.
Now equipping Excalibur (dev weapon) will give you the ability to use Ashandara and instantly win every battle.
Added Easter-Egg side quest: The Ghost and The Necklage
Exclusively new UI

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