Porn Game: Bedlam Games No Haven v0.7551

No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock's Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.
Change Log


-Fix for Draenei Farm being inadvertently broken.
-Fix for the new forest goblin being swapped with the fancy whore when being picked as a start outside of scenarios.
-Minor text fix.


-Replaced and consolidated variables for slaves, slavers, potential slaves and slavers, and total busy across all assignments in an attempt to solve some underlying issues.
-As slavers will be more cognisant of how many potential slavers/slaves could be acquired by others the starting cap for slaves has been increased from 5 to 8.
-This also fixed some assignments where you would get a slave despite being on the don't capture slaves order like Cathayan Caravan. While there Brief Foray and Never See Us Coming now have no slave capture versions and Brief Foray crit now awards gold and additional morale. Brief Foray success was showing too much xp awarded, and I've also increased the gold reward on that result.
-Potential slaves and slavers are now shown on the status bar, and you can now swap to an abbreviated status bar for smaller screens. Wounded slavers no longer count towards the numbers of still being on assignment.
-Changed the intro around to ensure the saving/loading warning is not missed on smaller screens.
-Removed the requirement for small breasts minimum on Advanced Sissy Training, now breasts instead give a bonus on both Basic and Advanced.
-Added a new goblin based start for the Savage Remnants scenario which starts with even more slavers, but pays for it with some additional drawbacks. I was using it for stress testing, but I thought it was interesting enough to include as a proper option. The new goblin is also available for a regular start on TF edition.
-To distinguish between Drow and the new variants of Dark Elves, Drow all have red eyes in setting as their other main racial signifier. Touched up art for the Female Drow portrait, the Male Perfidity assignment/Drow male examine and the Drow-Fulfil opportunity which is now also used for slaves to reflect this. While I was there I've themed night goblins more as well with paler eyes and a fondness for purple decoration. Updated the Night Courtesan portrait and their current examine to reflect this.
-Due to that I also went through the current eyes selection to add more variation and better race/traits representation, along with getting rid of the issue where you had exceptional beauty but were so forgettable you could also blend into a crowd.
-Healing no longer takes a full day for you needing to supervise a slaver and instead works like failing to maintain discipline on Pillow Talk.
-Transforming a male to female should now remove things like moustaches.
-Fix for you levelling up into the negative number of ranks needed. Decided the old version was too much of a mess anyway so now it's based on highest rank up. So first rank up in any gets one, then when you manage to rank up any of them to 2 then you get your second and your last at 3.
-Slave training was doubling up some buffs/debuffs it shouldn't have been. Also it will show your updated odds now based on gentle/brutal training.
-Fix for some minor issues with a few of the uniques if you levelled them.
-A large cock on full custom was costing too much.
-Fix for assigning shakko to the wrong slaver.
-Fix for Quick Restart removing Tribute of the Lost.
-Made the shaky disciplining of banning from the slave pit a bit less shaky.
-Added an alternate result to the hugging nice version.
-Fix for multiple skirts/kilts on clothing.
-General orders in regard to sizing were not being checked properly.
-Fix for only being able to do the Ensnared Rose request once.
-Fix for multiple bronze collars.
-Moved the outstanding content from start to the help FAQ and moved the commissions thanks to the Art Sources. I've also added a quick explanation of what all the different Encampment roles do to the FAQ.

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Bedlam Games No Haven v0.7551

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