Porn Game: KsT The Twist version 0.26 win/mac+walkthrough final

Info: It's a choise-based dating sim/visual novel game. The game is real-time 3d (not rendered images), most scenes you can freely orbit around and see the action at the angle you like.
Changelog from Beta.2:

- Janice tan-lines, pubic styles glitches at the beach.

- FFFM scene will not appear while John is at home.

- Added keyboard shortcuts for Inventory ("I") and Relation window ("R")

- Several minor visual adjustments.

-FFFM scene fixed, then switching to Janice.
-Janice's latex suit glitches at the pool.
-Black screen after the BDSM dungeon scene.
-Janice tanlines, pubic trim styles issue at the FFFM scene.
-Time rollback after leaving pharmacy store issue.
-Options to enter hospital appears instantly, no need to click on the door.
-Total energy bonus issue after FFFM scene.
-Clones of Billy,Jason at the beach.
-Bug with Kendra at the park.


- New Character: Kendra.

- 8 new scenes.

- 1 new item.

- New location : BDSM Dungeon.

- New location : Pharmacy store (outside).

- Characters that recieved updates:





- Updated locations:

-Living room

-Living room (night)

-Pharmacy store


-Julia's room

-Hosipital's lobby


-Emma's house

- Town map will no longer send you directly inside the pharmacy store. Instead you will appear outside the store.

- Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

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KsT The Twist version 0.26 win/mac+walkthrough final

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0.04a - Bugfix??????
don't know about the bugfix, but here is a faster link - courtesy of 420chan -!UwV33Y7Y!EIVdVde5D5_q5BSvSTxZk5OSc0nTrRO7j7sOsLKQfDQ
after i open with winrar is say process at the volumes at curent or somthing like.
what i have to do
The Twist Walkthrough!f0JzFaBC!g9cDbzz61O75_VXDBAXE96OR-j_OuXE-Wgv_4k0VHU8
thanks to whoever it is for the mega link
well, things are moving rather fast - 420chan strikes gold yet again - the fix -!9okEGLqB!XTOBval49cwfxJeaqOI0uYwk5vxWEZg5y5X8TmcdaHc
there were bugs - such as male chracter being stuck at night masturbating, or the kid at school not offering to introduce the shady guy thus halting the progress...
small things
bugfix is not installed - download, extract and play as usual - find the extracted folder, start the game - that's all there is to it, really
do not work THE Twist.exe is not valid Win 32 application. what i have to do .
There's already a 0.04b - Bugfix version
It's the game where thursday doesn't exist :/
I can't earn money with the neigbour.
its a pain in the ass but you need to start a new game to get the "days"
whats scenes with the neighbour exist now i can talk to her inhouse and watch her excercise but nothing sexual..
Hello can you tel me how can i have the screwdriver ?
in the walkout it say "use the screwdriver" but i don't have it
i can't find panites in the bathroom, anyone know how to find it?
How to cheat:
Open regedit.exe
go to
Is your relationship affinity with a char
I.e. _kellyscr_h3302300815 is kellys relationship points
click decimal
enter a new value (say 999)
Hi Sandrok and Endruju:

Hopefully this will help. Screwdriver is available from your friend keep talking to him after school. Also, I think the dialogue comes up after you reach a certain level with the mother.

Re panties, they should be on the blue floor where the Jacuzzi is near one end. Again, I think they show up after you break the lock in the shower/bathroom or after you reach a certain level with the mother.

To everyone.

A little advice, please do not change in the registry the data that tracks day of the week and time of day, etc as it can screw up the menus. I found it the hard way. Change only registry entries for level with mother/sister/kelly/etc, change money and also the maximum energy. Those should be sufficient to progress in the game.

we need 00.4 b mega download if there is any link with best thanks
please anyone tel me how to save game i can find save option...?!
friends i cant find save option even i play this game for 1 hour is it not saving again i starts from first...! please help me...
friends i cant find save option even i play this game for 1 hour is it not saving again i starts from first...! please help me...helpppppppppppppp
Save by press red powerbutton top right corner
I'm the otherhand got another problem. When invited into the house and start chat with Emma (Neighbor) the game freezes, and that with the new v.0.05c bugfix, what gives?!
This version of the game is messed up. You can't save at all. The item screen is completely blank. Doesn't show the women or how far you have progress with them. Even the items them selves don't show up. Version 004b plays fine.
Hello can someoe tell me how to get inside the sister room or how do i get the key??!!!!
la fonctionnalité de sauvegarde dans la V0.5 est anormal aucune sauvegarde et tu recommence le jeu a zéro ??? tous en gardant les stats des personnages !!! a voir et réparer !!!
When you in Emma house, you can find a necklance under the TV.
What to do with it?
Friends I have a problem with this I can not see the right and left ends of the screen ie neither the money nor the save button

Someone can help me with that I was already changing the resolution but it does not work

Thank you
Is there some way to get Julias room key in v.0.05c, there are no clothes laying around either in bathroom or pool, is she hiding that thing in her snatch or what?! I've only reached 160 points with her, then no more points.
Join the club I can't see the ends either so saving or seeing money is out of the question. I can also just barely see something in the lower right side of the screen but I have no clue as to what it is. Looks like some line with a circle around it. I've updated my video driver and that didn't help so its in the game. Can only see half of the messages of go home or talk to your school mate so that is the first clue we aren't seeing the entire screen.

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