Porn Game: Simply Mindy Version 2.5.0 by sexums

This update is, I have discovered, somewhat cosmological in execution, and takes a few pokes at the higher beings of the Sooniverse. It also provides a few more hints towards the ultimate storyline of the game, though they may be too veiled at this point to be discerned as hints. Sounds like some master puppeteer bullshit, but rest assured, I'm making this stuff up as I go.

New Contests

As I've been intimating for a while, now, this build is focused entirely on Lil D's four contests. There's one held every season, for every year of the game (they're disabled past year five), and each demands a unique blend of stats, knowledge, and button-pressing.

- The first contest, the Wet T, is more or less the same as before. I just randomized the characters Mindy can face and added two more potential boob-swingers. (Also, since there are no mechanics besides checking your stats, you can just skip right to the end.) Also spruced it up a bit, since I have implemented a confetti system for most of the contests! I love confetti!

If I'm going to add more contestants to any of them, it's the Wet T. So. Keep your eyes on that.

- The second contest, the Overheating game, is a keyboard-mashing test. The idea is to keep Mindy's temperature low long enough that her opponent faints. The higher your Durability, the longer Mindy can last; the higher your Strength, the more 'power' each button press has, so you need to do less overall mashing. (I tried to keep it less-than-intense for people who don't want to strain their wrists... though if you play porn games a lot your wrists should already be powerful.) There are three potential contestants, and some are more difficult than others. SOMEBODY has sex at the end, regardless of who wins.

Mind that this one starts out easy and gets more difficult as the level of the jizz rises. So. Just because it's easy street at first doesn't mean it stays that way.

- The third contest, the Modelling contest, is another stat-testing competition - though this time you have more of a say. Pick an outfit and a pose for Mindy and she'll strut her stuff against two other opponents. You get scored based on outfit chosen, the pose you chose FOR the outfit, and the stats that contribute most to that particular outfit. (There are hints in Lil D's dialogue that will let you know which works best with which if you're having trouble choosing proper combos.) Simple enough, but fuck, man, THIS one is the reason the damned build is late. Fuckin' fidgety-ass code...

- Aaaaaand the fourth contest, the Quiz, is a simple test of your Simply Mindy / little bit of Soo Cubus knowledge. There are ten potential questions. Get five right and you win; get five wrong and you lose. The vast majority of the questions are perfectly fair, though I'll admit to throwing in one curveball, because I'm mean like that. (The first question is still always the same. Why the hell can't I figure out that bug... so weird...)

Yep. Contests. Fuckin' things are finally done! Might polish more and add more contestants in the future - I'd like to animate the girls in the Modelling contest more, for example - but for now they're pretty solid.

There's a small change to the delivery of the contests, as well. I'd previously intended to have Lil D pop up in Mindy's apartment on contest days as a reminder. That, however, got quite intrusive, since it happened every nine days - and I quickly realized that people might just want to use those days for other things. So now you have the option of entering a contest by clicking a button in the top-right, or just ignoring it entirely and going about your day. This eliminates a tiny bonus for not entering the contest via cut scene, but I think it's a pretty minor sacrifice.

(I also made a point to change some of the in-game language from 'festival' to 'contest' since I've been calling them contests for... a very long time. Why did I call them festivals in the first place, again...?)

Other Stuff

- There's one new ending, tied to the contests. Win all four in a single go-through! The bonus reward will help people who don't like the grind.

I had originally planned one ending for this week, then I jumped to two, then three. Unfortunately I don't really have any more time to work on this build, as I've got stuff to do the next two days and I need sleep something fierce. I will try to include the endings in the next build, as the architecture to plug them into the game is there - I just didn't have time to finish the ending sprites. Sadness. And yes, they're contest-related.

- Included a button that activates every unlocked bonus when starting a new round of Simply Mindy. Saves time on clicking. This activates every bonus, mind, so watch that you don't accidentally turn on something you'd rather leave turned off.

- Typos. Always typos. Don't even remember which ones I fixed anymore, I just know I did.

Next Time

I need to keep wrapping up storylines, so the next build will almost certainly focus on another of the characters. I'll probably do Emm, since she was next in line in the last vote and I like giving excuses to jump into the dungeons. She's monster-centric, so, yeah. Emm. Also have some other things I want to get done, like revamping the hotkeys.

I also, at some point, want to introduce a sort of 'points market' to the game. I've seen a few people complain that the grinding gets a little dull after a while, and while these games take Princess Maker as inspiration - and goddamn are those grindy games - I would like to alleviate that a bit. So I'll probably be creating an area where you can trade stat points in one area for stat points in another, at a 2-for-1 exchange rate. The more options you have to accumulating stats, the better. Keep an eye open for that in the future.

A warning now that I will probably be doing another month-long build in December / very early January. I've decided to finally tackle Soo's dual storylines, and I figured December would be a good choice for it, since I'll have to carve a lot of time out for family shit anyway. (My family celebrates Christmas three, sometimes four times. And I think this year is a four-timer. What the hell is that?) Hopefully most of you will be too busy to notice.

I will keep y'all apprised of what's to come. Excited to jump on both of these storylines, as I've been waiting a while to do 'em.

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Simply Mindy Version 2.5.0 by sexums

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