Porn Game: Valia: Life of a Succubus Version 0.2 by Apocrypha

Changes in 0.2:

* Every area now has it's own music to listen to.
* 12 Events so far for the Alley area.
* 8 Videos for the Alley area.
* Created Stats
* Created Sex_Stats
* Introduced Energy into the game
* Created Valia Bedroom area.
* Created Sleep button in Valia Bedroom area.
* Main menu background created.
* Upgraded Visuals for the videos so now all animations past the intro are HD.

Changes Coming in 0.3:


* More work videos.
* Beggar Encounter
* Hire the working girl
* Make Fives a Follower
* Implement fighting code.


* Put little brother in game (is of legal age, is a stay at home Otaku who wont move out and get a job) [COMPLETED]
* Put little brother room in game. [COMPLETED]
* Put living room/lounge in. [COMPLETED]
* Put bathroom in. [COMPLETED]
* Play with Teddy bear scene.


* Put timer in videos.
* Fix weird bug where only the right side of buttons works (has got better in 0.3)


* Implement Social stats e.g. strength, intelligence etc.


* Thug 1 has 10 new lines of Dialogue [COMPLETE]
* All other characters have 10 lines minimum dialogue when talked to.

Now the story...

Tales Of A Succubus

You play as Valia, the youngest succubus of thousands or more sisters, you start off having reached the age of maturity when, as a good mother should Lillian (Thats your Succubus Mom and first of all Succubi) decides to release you, her youngest daughter into the mortal world, where it is currently the present day. However like all good concerned mothers she wouldn't let you go off on your first day without making sure you have had breakfast (just make sure not to throw a tantrum...Yikes!)

Now whether due to time manipulation or some other sort of weird ancient magic you suddenly arrive in human form with a normal human family (A mother, Father and Little Brother [No shota guys, he will be of mature and legal age]) who are unaware of the succubus nature you have, you are to them simply their young 20 something daughter.

Inspired by games like Fallout and Skyrim It will be as open ended as possible. My minimum aims for this game are:

* 12 Areas each with a minimum of 10 scenes with accompanying video (That's 120 videos guys so please be nice)
* Multiple endings based upon the way you play.
* Multiple choice in how you play [except the intro which is forced onto you]. for example you could be a submissive succubus who likes slow lovemaking, holding hands and being charmed, romance, making guys and girls worship you etc. You could be a dominant Succubus and venture into rough stuff like forcing guys to eat your a**, being on top, making guys and girl into sex slaves etc. You can take a 'male' approach and grow a D**k to f**k girls and guys if you want to be a freaky kind of succubus. You can be a fighting and ambitious succubus who desires simply to strengthen herself in battles. You can prefer using your va***a or a** or can have a preference for either girls or boys or both! The important thing is that you can play YOUR way.
* 7 Boss fights if you decide to go the fighting succubus route as well as occasional normal fights.
* 5? (I haven't decided the figure yet) re-occurring characters who build or lose affection for you depending on your actions, each with their own personality and storylines.
* 4 Areas you can work (Jail, Alley, Hospital & Library) to gain Kroner (thats money) and occasionally unlock a few scenes ;-)
* No time limit, most games are 100 days or 120 days. Mine? Play as long as you want to.

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Valia: Life of a Succubus Version 0.2 by Apocrypha

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