Porn Game: The Company Version 5.1.11 by Westane

The Company - Alpha 5.1.11 - Dakota

System Changes

Alpha 5.1.0 focuses on Dakota, who has received:
21 conversation events
15 room exploration events
10 random events
2 "bad end" events, each with multiple sub-events
1 MCS-3 event
Dakota will react to player's gender and chastity state, comment on clothing in the morning, and react to new (or missing) genitals
Stats have been removed. This includes relationship, arousal, willpower, corruption, intelligence, masculinity and femininity
Arousal has been redesigned, and can increase based both on events and passive effects, such as clothing or gender
At maximum arousal (Uncontrollably Horny) you will no longer be able to select any non-sexual options when given the choice
Masturbating will reset your arousal level, though passive effects will remain
Player transformation now occurs more fluidly, and you'll be notified of changes as they happen. Each transformation comes with an event that will trigger overnight
Your family and coworkers will react to transformations as they occur
You can easily shift between the "male" end of the gender spectrum (male, trans, sissy) or the "female" end (female, shemale, bimbo), though it's more difficult to bridge the gaps between trans and shemale, though it is possible
As more content gets added to the game, more avenues for transformations will be added as well
It is possible to toggle forced transformations, which are enabled by default
It is possible to permanently become a sissy or a bimbo, thus disabling the transformation system
Wardrobe system added. You can now change your clothing in your bedroom. Clothing will affect your transformation direction, arousal level, and dialogue in some scenes
Clothing and reactions to what you're wearing are constantly expanding. Note that this update is only the first pass
New dialogue system
New dialogue system allows for player choice in conversation topics with character
Conversation topics can be unlocked in various ways, and can unlock other events and conversations themselves
This patch only introduces the system to Dakota, though in the future it will be expanded game-wide
New exploration system
New exploration system lets you spend time exploring rooms and objects, which may unlock other events, objects or conversations
Rooms and objects can be unlocked via conversations, exploration, events, and just about anything else
This patch only introduces the system to Dakota, though in the future it will be expanded game-wide
New location, Shopping Mall!
The mall can be visited on the weekend
You'll meet four new characters here who will all get more interactions in the future. For now they're just here to sell you clothing
At the mall you can buy men's, women's, and intimate clothing, as well as adult toys. Intimate Apparel and Women's Boutique are locked from Male players until they've begun trending towards a feminine gender state
The adult toy store also offers a chastity device removal service
Walking around the mall will cause time to pass
The mall will be expanded in the future with its own set of events and additional locations!
Random events!
Random events have a chance to occur at certain times and days at home and work
These events will provide various bonuses, unlocks, and content, and themselves can be unlocked in various ways
Alpha 5.1 ships with 10 office events and 15 home events, for a total of 25 random events
New events will be added regularly, this system is designed to be constantly expanded
Over 85 new images
Several improvements in dialogue formatting
Improved masturbation scene can affect player transformation
Characters now have relationships (Mom, Sister, Co Worker, Boss, etc) as well as statuses that will change based on your interactions with them. These statuses can be viewed from the side bar.
Image pack check added to beginning of game
Option added to play game without images if desired
Time/date system now progresses properly, even outside of game's limits
Lab and Serum Changes

Serums no longer cost money to make
The player now starts with less money, and earns less weekly
"Money" is no longer "Budget", and now represents the player's actual money
Serums now require various amounts of material components
These components can be prepared in the lab, and doing so causes time to pass
Various events can reward the player with additional components
Penny's assistance in the lab will either increase material yield, or remove the time cost of producing serum
The lab can be upgraded up to 10 times
Each upgrade increases material yields by 50%
Upgrade costs increase with each upgrade
Upgrade costs come out of the player's pocket
During the game, the player will unlock the ability to sell excess serums as an additional way to earn money
Due to the new time requirement to make serums, dose cooldowns have been reduced to 1 day across the board, and no longer increase
New serum has been added to the game which can trigger a character's "bad end"
Once administered, that character can no longer be otherwise dosed
Effects will trigger gradually, culminating in a major change in that character
This effect will likely lock out most if not all future normal interactions with that character, so be careful!
This system currently only applies to Dakota, but will be added to more characters over future patches

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The Company Version 5.1.11 by Westane

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