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No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock's Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.

-Due to the large number of new starts the TF Edition ones have a set trait selection outside of as appropriate to the race like fleet on Centaurs, though you can fully customise these as normal. If you do these the race traits will persist through the full custom like they do currently with harpies and the like.
-Introduced the Puppet-Leader of the Encampment position where you’re technically still in charge, but everyone knows who really calls the shots. You lose the assignment bonus, will have a much harder time with respect checks, and be immune to takeover attempts for now. The standard city elf noble start, and the super negatives Lacey’s Toy and Chosen of Itzpa’ux (TF Edition) will all gain this, and there will be other ways for this to happen in future.
-Added more checks to the slaver takeover so now uniques are always happier being the power behind the throne, some races won’t takeover due to being unsuited to lead others like wisps, and will check more traits, height (with a special bonus for unusually large members of smaller races), the second-in-command optional histories, whether they have challenged you before, and reputation to see who is willing and most likely to attempt to overthrow you.
-The slaver takeover functionality now has more triggers as an alternative to the old game over, being stuck in bondage, the reputations obsessed over and pariah, becoming sissy, or gaining bimbo. It’s no longer a straight loss with you having options to defend yourself based on your traits like dominator/hypnotic and your race.
-Plugged Quick as you like slavers will no contribute to a treacherous encampment as they have other things on their mind. They also won’t try to takeover either.
-Due to this the blessings of perversion corruption Pretty Maid can now give sissy, and the corruption Bimboborn can now hit you.
-Been meaning to do this for ages and this seemed like a good opportunity to make Orkhai a properly playable race with an three new male and three new fem/futa portraits, and one post gender transformation.
-I noticed while doing that Orkhais didn’t have a proper set of racial trait packages which has now been corrected.
-For consistency added the Monster trait to all the golem starts and to the transformed Ogre, and if you full custom Ogres or Golems now that trait will also be kept for free.
-New assignment courtesy of the patreon discord.
-New unique and playable draenei wright start with commissioned art thanks to the patron to make this the first unique with both a female and futanari version.
-Sea elf overhaul to make them a lot more distinct. Extra paragraphs added to their lore page, specific eyes, and more skin variation. New compositions for the female examine, and added new ones for futa and slaves.
-Two new commissions for drow and lamia bimbo examines that will also be used for bimbo training.
-Added patron provided commissions for the Kat unique’s special game over, two for the Into the Depths crit, and a special one for a certain corruption. Thank you so much for those! Due to this I’ve improved some of the logic on Depths and also tightened up the text while splitting it into a before and after exactly what happens.
-Because of this added new text and variation to what is currently the final stage of the Ensnared Rose debt effects to account for you not always having a pussy which includes the first tickling scene in the game. Hope I’ve done it justice.
-Rethought how to handle the owned slavers auto accompanying count as them not being included in the number busy was eventually resulting in an unplayable state.
-Updated the planning assignments text which now include your bed warmer(s) if applicable.
-Changed up some of the finish day mechanics and checks in an attempt to fix the crash issues. Also added the auto planning to Tall Tales.
-New skin tones for Sea Elves, Harpy Lyonixin, Lizardmen, Asanei, and Oozes.
-Added 14 new lore unlocks.
-Added a specific eye description for wrights.
-Added the pointed ears, horns, and other bits that were missing on the scenario starts.
-Improved some slave value bonuses in regards to training and origin.
-Improved the protection bonus from crafted armour, for qualities above Masterwork, and more clothing will help than before.
-More feedback on choosing an item to show how it will help or hinder protection, assignments, and reputation.
-Orally Accommodating with the Form a Line is now available as a Super Negative in TF Edition, though it does run the risk of affecting your reputation if you are not a Fae. Due to this added a couple of variations due to lamia still insisting on not having knees. Also added an occasional check so you can specifically lose reputation by being naked or in slutty outfits like slaver’s can.
-Due to the aspect bimboborn doing nothing for you as the player character I’ve changed it so that corruption has somewhat altered text and instead of the aspect you get the trait instead.
-Changed the wording on ooze colouring.
-Added a new gender toggle under help and options to control how you experience the possible male to female transformations.
-Added a toggle to turn off finish day auto skipping when you’re away for those experiencing crashes that seemed to be linked to that.
-Added some additional checks for reputation (mainly involving what is and is not worn) and improved the feedback for getting the sluttier ones.
-Added some more eye variation to make the rarer ones more rare.
-Added auto planning to Elven Hospitality.
-The current marlsune and kitsune starts ear and tail descriptions were in the wrong place so updated that, and added new specific descriptions for them. Also updated the current harpy starts to move their ear descriptions.
-Personalised the message if you are the one to find the hidden region.
-Fix for certain later acquired slavers having broken level ups.
-Fix for broken lore unlocks including on Cathay, dwarf beer, Light on Shallya, and goddess of the forest goblins.
-Fix for the possessed dream not checking correctly.
-Fix for Intimidate not giving weak slavers the proper penalty.
-Fix for Thrallforge not helping you with dominate their will checks.
-Fix for multi-race having wrights having no values for race.
-Fixed the potential for male asanei from assignment rewards, and also boosted the futa odds on a why not basis while I was there.
-Fix for expiry issue with the seven day variant of Toll Bridge.
-Fix for assignment tracking issue with Tyrannical Legacy.
-Fix for losing your ornamental butt wings.
-Fix for assignment issues with slave recapture.
-Fix for formatting on lore unlock for noble responsibilities.
-Some text fixes.

Known bugs

-Aspects for you are currently limited as 3 rather than 5.

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Bedlam Games No Haven version 0.832

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