Porn Game: V1Vampirelife V1Vampire life game version 0.42

We play as a vampire, who has not really developed an easy fate.
Where he finds himself in a completely unfamiliar post-war fantasy world, completely deprived of his memory, where adventures and dangers await him at every corner.

For the correct operation of the save, please - save the game on the 36m build in manual mode, then install 37 and load it from it already. Downloading from autosave may damage some data.

1. Fixed a number of serious bugs, when moving the morph from one room to another, occurred:

   1.1. Color change to arbitrary.

   1.2. Change of morph objects to arbitrary.

   1.3. Change of hair style and color.

2. Fixed a false parameter when you caught a morph with 13y and higher skills, and informed you as if you caught a morph with 12 skills.

3. Fixed a bug where the vampire's cap did not give her armor in battle.

4. Fixed a bug where damage from the "vampirism" skill did not appear correctly.

5. Now the loss in the lair of kobolds is correct, causing the gamer to gamer, as he should have worked from the very beginning.

6. Some trees were impossible to cut down - fixed.

7. The semantic error in the profession "Staratel" was corrected.

8. Fixed bugs in other texts (total 14).

9. Fixed the possibility that the butler gave the presents incorrectly.

10. Removed duplicate string in morph-definition (rarity).

11. Corrected the residual bug, when after search of the barrels a mouse could attack. By the way, which generally will not be any more.

12. Fixed a bug where the level of the character from the inventory did not turn off in the battle with the flash.

13. Fixed a bug where the message about getting the "kazanova" skill simply was not shown.

14. Fixed a bug where the new interface of fast buttons prevented the exit from the lake.

15. Removed the residual bug with a balalaika in the forest.

16. Stones are transferred in the swamp, which could not be obtained in a new place.

17. Duplicate the text of the accomplishment.

18. The error in determining the race (if zombies) in the hospital has been fixed.

19. Fixed a bug where the auto-opening selection text moved down.

20. Fixed a bug in the auction failure when determining a zombie and mark-up on it.

21. Sometimes the start of trading began with a minus of gold on the awning. Corrected.

21. The food was removed from Nastya, which could not be taken from behind the chest. Here either one or the other should have been deleted, leaving everything at once, unfortunately, it is impossible.

22. Removed some invisible blocks in different places.

23. Now, saving and loading are a little faster.

24. Fixed ways on the lake (did not start closer to the river).

25. Fixed ways to the cemetery (did not start up the map and vice versa, letting the map near the lake itself).

26. Corrected the path of the mob on the location of the forest, so that it would hang.

27. Fixed mapping of the pet << Cat >> after the construction of the greenhouse.

28. Fixed a typo in Pet's "Snowman".

29. Fixed an invisible block on the map << Village >>.

30. Now you can not get the pet fairy, if you already have it.

31. Fixed a bug where a fish was displayed instead of a rosebud.

32. The algorithm of behavior with Nako is corrected. Now she will not react to fatigue if she does not do anything. The Nako code has been fixed. and now it should not hang forever after some dialogues. Sometimes I could hang and do nothing.

33. Corrected the text of the pumpkin pet with its ape.

34. Fixed a bug with the coffin, which tightened the character of GG in the wilds incorrectly, and then the jungle could hang when they re-visited them.

35. Fixed an absent reaction from the bandits, if they threatened by evil.

36. Fixed the icon of the display on the photo and records, when you loot the object, and instead they display the icon of the gold ingot.

37. Optimized loading animation +18 content. Now there is no jerk at the beginning of the images.


1. Now the benefit of furry can be obtained only after the maximum level of speed in sex.

2. Now MissG may not like the morph (any), and it will artificially lower the price for it.

3. Now the morphs carry only those clothes in which they are comfortable in the world.

For example, now you no longer meet meouri in a wedding dress. However, you can dress her in this dress.

Example 2. Succubus (succubus is not yet !!!) is almost impossible to force to put on some funny thing, and lascivious stockings it will immediately put on. And vice versa. Some humble creature will not want to wear such a thing.

4. The speed of the mini-game, when you need to open the chest (break) is slightly increased.

5. Now the loading of animations and images works a little on another algorithm, and the first download should not be stupid.

6. The introductory part of the quest with the trunk and the grandmother was altered. Now the messages do not spam you, and you, in order to open the chest, you will need to click on the special button that appears after taking the chest.

7. Now the butterfly pollen can be obtained by catching ordinary butterflies in the world, with some chance with sufficient intelligence

8. The elf's hair is temporarily added to the chests.


1. Introduced at the moment the most detailed morph - Limnada. The class is a nymph. Morph uses over 500 files. It is a swamp morp and you can meet it with some chance in the swamps. The chance is not very big. At night this chance is slightly higher. Dressing him in subjects is hard enough. He will not just put things out of the world of people.

2. Now, when you reach a certain level of lust or speed in the animation of sex will be different facial expressions of the morph (while

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V1Vampirelife V1Vampire life game version 0.42

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It aint english,how to turn it to english?
com on dude. you're making me depress here. this looks like a really cool game but i can't understand shit about it.
upload it in english so we can all have fun with this game
did anyone download this one,is it in english?

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