Porn Game: Mahou Arms Version 0.0.256 by Paperbag

Mahou Arms is a game where you deploy a squad of magical girls to repel an invasion of magical aliens. It is a hack and slash action game with base building and dating sim elements. You play the role of the commander of GARDA, an organization formed by the UN to reclaim earth’s major cities. When the girls return from missions, you will have to plan out your next set of actions in GARDA HQ. As GARDA returns parts of the planet back under human control, various things will happen. Your base will grow bigger. Relationship events will be unlocked. You’ll gain access to additional support items. The girls will get stronger, unlocking more abilities. The story of Mahou Arms will progress. Eventually, you’ll reach points where you can recruit the next magical girl for the team.
v0.0.256 & v0.0.257
Builds 0.0.256 (censored) and 0.0.257 (uncensored) are now available via the launcher! The standalone version of the censored build will also be up in a couple hours.
The transformation system hasn't made its way into this build yet as there are still things to fix.

Here are the changes / fixes for this build compared to the previous bleeding build (0.0.215):
major polish pass on all combat animations (WIP)
balance on all attacks
combat sound polish / placeholder replacement (WIP)
quick optimization pass on the cube enemies, more to come later.
Sliding has been almost completely removed and replaced with root motion in animations
fix the lock on victory screen issue
fix the kick/punch throwing the hitbox
fix wrong settings reported on first run of game
added a cheaper, bone-based semen painting system until some stability issues with the previous system can be resolved
And here is the changelist compared to the previous demo build (0.0.206 & 0.0.207):

Battle Damage skins added. Dropping down to 75%, 50%, and 25% health should now progressively remove more pieces of Amelia's clothing.
Basic Gallery Mode for the H-Scene. To access, select HScene from the main menu. As not even global savegames work yet, this is always on for now. In the future, scenes will require an unlock, and there will be a scene browser.
Giving directional input during attacks should now only rotate the character instead of also moving the character. This helps a LOT with overshooting. Previous behavior scaled down the input vector length by 0.0001, which was a hacky solution that never felt quite right. This should make soft lock and attacking in general while providing directional input feel way better.
Full length version of the battle BGM implemented.
H-game Changes:
the time windows for the QTEs are increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
all the QTE inputs are now one button so your hand never has to leave the same position. (Y or DPad up for gamepad, Space or Enter for keyboard.)
The pink heart's radius has been increased by 50%.
Minor Changes & Bugfixes:
Fixed dialogue screens advancing very slowly when time is slowed down.
Corrupted Office Ladies now have 500 knockback instead of 2000 on their attacks.
character should no longer fly backwards occasionally during backflip
Ground pound should no longer activate when it's cancelled in midair once the character hits the ground again.
Corrected spelling/grammar errors
Outline for ADV text for improved legibility
Jump now cancels the same amount of things as Dash
Double-jump velocity is now more consistent
Soft lock aggressiveness has been loosened up slightly
Light attacks buffed

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Mahou Arms Version 0.0.256 by Paperbag

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