Porn Game: Succulence by Nest Games

- Censorship (no)
- Language eng
- Version 0.65.1
- Platform Win

You play as a strict female teacher, who finds a portal to a different world, and discovers a shocking fact about her origin. Will she keep living her life peacefully, or will she drown in her carnal desires? That will be for a player to decide.


Bug list:
- Suspender shorts not available to walk outside.
- Smart orc dialogue fixed, so you can go out of the village.
- fixed lust bad end to prevent freeze.
- science club events show black suit properly
- Photo 4\4 now dissappears properly when picked(if you have extra ones, watch the photos in the recollection room to get rid of them).
- fancy suit now removes itself properly when teleporting.
- fanatics tower now doesn't come back to life after you destroy it.
- Equip menu bug fixed.
- Priest request bug fixed.
- Removed unused images from image folder(most of them).
New stuff:
+ 3 Science Club events added, with a bad ending.
+ 3 Daily quests added to the Public Requests panel in the other world(they are unlockable, and have multiple variations each).
+ New G.E.M event added(2 variations depending on lust)
+ New teacher suit added!(more info below)
+ New category added to the clothes shop(only 1 new outfit so far, unlocks after getting new teacher suit)
+ 2 new events added to the exposure daily quest area(both require roofer quest to be finished).
+ New bath event added.
+ 2 tapes added to Serena's collection.

- Many bugs fixed, can't remember anything in particular though...
- You can travel between elevators now(not through the main one only)
- Items at Desire Shop have been updated.

Stuff that didn't make it:
- Choker: It looked good with the new black suit, but I wanted to make it an accessory that can be used with every outfit, so I removed it for now, and I'll try to add it in the next update.
- Exposure Contract progress: It dawned on me that I really overcomplicated things with the contract, making it too hard to unlock and locking parts of the events to justify having contract in the first place. So I will think about how to simplify it for the next update, because I do still plan to add another one, and it will only make things more confusing.

Now about the new suit: To unlock it, buy all the clothes from the supermarket and visit Angie in the morning. Once unlocked, almost all events are available to do in it, except for 2: After work train event and park event (both will likely get reworked in the next update).
Also, it might not work correctly in the recollection room(untested)

So that's about it. Overall the update came out a little lewd in some places(science club) and a little tame in the others(gem event). Also, science club events focus on the gray skirt suit only, since it did win that poll about favourite suit, so there's that.
New stuff:
+ Orc trials done(Accessible after you escaped from the village, or spend 3 nights there). Bad End included.
+ One small "stuck between orcs and a cave" event.
+ First "Boss fight"(Easily beaten if Lvl 5 or more) and some story progression.
+ New train event(Unlocks after messing with Mr.Robinson).
+ New "Behind the school" event.(For default teacher suit)
+ Valentine's Day Tape added.
+ Sexy Clothes added to clothes shop.
+ New fitting room event with sexy clothes(2 variations when 100 lust or Exposure contract active)
+ Nicknames added.(Accessible from status menu. Also, you can "Catch up" on all the nicknames you earned in the previous versions through self-help book.)
+ 2 new events available during daily Exposure quest.(Those two are more of a preview of what's to come, so they may be changed in the future)

- fixed a bunch of menu related bugs that crashed menu if certain combination of clothes was equipped.
- enemies near orc village now work correctly.
- changed expression when sanity is critical.

Things that didn't make it:
- Tutoring quest - Sadly, I did spent almost a week being sick, and it shows. I can only hope that I can catch up in March.
- Gem photoshoot#2. - same as above.
- Arousal and aphrodisiacs - After messing around with that idea, I decided to remove it from the game for now, maybe I'll have some use for it in the next update.
- Diner One Night Stand has 4 random scenes with different men(and different sanity, lust and exp gains).
- Added new teacher outfit(can be bought in the supermarket), and updated all the scenes in school and town to include it.
- Added photoshoot event at the GEM studio(You need a new outfit for it).
- Added 2 new scenes to Science club, with new CG, and new skill that you obtain when you complete them.
- Added new modeling scene to Art Club(repeatable).
- You can help a student find a book in the library now(repeatable).
- There's a scene in the bar with Bruce, that triggers when you wear a specific outfit.
- There's a lust limit now, and if you reach it, it triggers a bad end(it's 150 for now).
- Serena can masturbate in the school toilet one per day now.(with CG)
- You can find used condoms on the roof now, but only after certain condition is met.
- Masturbation now takes away 5 lust instead of 10.
v0.45 bugfix
- Saves from previous versions should be fully compatible now(unless your save was made in the middle of the massage session, those are unsaveable).
- You can't bypass cutscenes in home and cemetery anymore.
- Massage salon finally works(I added a little hidden item in the salon as a compensation too).
- After sanity reaches 0 in combat, images disappear properly.
- You can pass through defeated enemies after you looted them(no more getting stuck in a corner).
- Monitor parts from cafeteria, faculty room and other places got removed.
Main stuff:
- New ruins section added, with underground village as a temporary base and 1 (loosely)animated event inside.
- Animated attacks from enemies added along with "captured" state.
- Quality of Serena's sprites in combat got improved a little.
- Added proper game over scene when sanity reaches 0.
- Added various responses from Serena when using used condom.

- Various menu and gameplay bugs fixed.
- Sanity tutorial got updated to make it more clear.
- Added notifications about scenes that are not in the game yet(to make it less confusing).
- Added help file with controls to the game folder.
Main stuff:
- New Public Pequests Panel quest added.
- New scenes for each club, apart from music club, added.
- First stage of Richards quest added.
- You can buy a few skills from Eve at night.
- In addition to sanity drain, you gain lust every day.(Experimental)

- Added more items in hidden places all around the school.
- New outfit (Gym uniform) available.
- Several bugs fixed.

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Succulence by Nest Games

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