Porn Game: The Sexy Cosplay Cafe Version 0.21 by Novus

It’s the summer before you start college, and you’re moving to the city a few months early in order to get away from your family. You love them, but most of them are a bit too…normal, for you. Thankfully, you know someone in the city and she’s promised she’s got a job lined up fro you. With a job, scholarship, and the promise of being able to crash at her place, you can't wait to get there... Plus, knowing Alice, whatever job she has for you won’t be boring...

When you arrive in the city, you're confidence in Alice having an interesting job for you is proven well founded. She has recently become the manager of a The Sexy Cosplay Café, and she’s badly in need of an assistant manager, a role she herself was filling until just a few weeks ago. The quirky owner is giving her headaches, several of the girls working at the café are seriously high-maintenance, and the Café’s business is starting to stagnate.

Alice starts you off by setting you the task of getting the current staff under control…by any means necessary. And given that she hands you a guide from her own time as an assistant that indicates she was playing dominant owner for a puppy-girl, lesbian lover for an elven cosplayer, and ‘stress relief’ for the previous manager, you’re pretty sure she really really means that any means necessary comment.
Release Notes for .21


-!Warning! The way time works has undergone a pretty major change. During play testing, I found time moving forward when you travel between locations to seriously annoying, overall. After trying to improve it in the .2 release, I still wasn't happy, so I basically just scrubbed that aspect. Time no longer moves forward by any means except A) the Advanced Time button, which should now be available at every location and B) Interaction with the girls. Note, that should is kinda important. This was such a sweeping change to a core system that it caused me several headaches. As such, despite some play testing, there is an extremely high probability it has caused bugs, please report issues. One of the known oddities causes by the changes is in the Known Issues section, but it's not game breaking, just currently a little odd seeming.

- Fixed a major bug that let you click on Serena when you were already talking to her in her second cosplay outfit, which would caused some cascading bugs.

- Fixed a minor bug in one of Serena's chats reported by a patron.

Remaining Known Issues:

- It's possible to accidentally miss most of Serena's chats, some of which are important to her character development. I wanted to fix this for the .21 release, but changing the Time system ended up being far more involved and time consuming than I thought.

- Relationship gain/Chaos reduction for Serena is probably horribly unbalanced at the moment. Needs more play testing.

- The inventory needs totally scrapped and replaced. Don't expect anything but money and gifts to show up there for now. Though those two things do at least work.

Release Notes for 0.2

General stuff first. This update brings Serena up to roughly the same content quantity as Mira already had. This doesn't mean that she has exactly the same types of content, each girl will be different in exactly how they behave and thus how you can interact with them, but the quantity of content between them, as well as the number of images, is now roughly even. So what exactly does the update add. This:

-15 new Serena images, 12 of which are significantly different from one another, and the other three being variants.

- Rewards and punishments for Serena

- Chats for Serena in each location (Work, Mall, Park and the Club)

- A new location: The Club. Which has some minimal content for Mira and Alice as well as content for Serena.

- A gift for Serena at the giftshop

- (Spoiler!) The ability to purchase an item for Serena from the Goth Store backroom...after you've discovered it! Needed to unlock two of her Reward/Punishment options.

- New information from Alice about Serena...and an item she has that might be useful (make sure to talk to Alice about her more than once!)

- Sexy times at the end of some of the chat conversation chains...make sure you actually explore the Mall, Park, and Club chats to their ends...


- Returning to the same location with the map no longer makes time pass. Moving from one location to another inside a building doesn't make time pass (it was never supposed to, something went wrong near the end of the first build and no one knew it wasn't supposed to do I didn't realize it until the play testing for this version).

- Some Bugfixes and spelling corrections from previous content

-Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about...

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The Sexy Cosplay Cafe Version 0.21 by Novus

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