Porn Game: Night Games PW bugfix2 Premium by Silver Bard Games

Your freshman year in college suddenly becomes much more interesting as you're invited to an underground sexfighting competition. Amazingly, you discover that you are the only male participant this year! You are even being well paid for the privilege of sexfighting your fellow students! Who is running this competition? How has it remained a secret for so long? Does it really even matter when these four beautiful girls are literally throwing themselves at you? Night Games is a text-based battlefuck RPG with dating sim elements. Opponents are unique and persistent, gaining experience and equipment alongside the player. Between matches, players can use their free time to either train or spend time their opponents. These daytime interactions allow players to build a romantic relationship in addition to a sexual one. Gaining affection with the girls also unlocks unique combat perks and special skills.

PW bugfix2 Premium

Change Log:
Cassie 3rd costume
Maya sprite
Rin sprite
Suzume sprite
Angel flick art
Mara doggy style art
Samantha cowgirl art
Mara squeeze balls art
Chibi Angel
Chibi Cassie
Chibi Eve
Chibi Jewel
Chibi Eve
Chibi Mara
Chibi Reyka
Chibi Samantha
Chibi Valerie
Chibi Yui

Removed Hide action
Ambushes now have a chance to occur upon encountering opponents based on Cunning and Perception
Match rotation is now hard coded to ensure a more balanced number of matches per combatant
Added Preferred skills for each NPC that they will use more often. These will be prioritized higher when Confident or Dominating
Mara gains Small Hands perk at rank 2, giving bonus to hand proficiency
Valerie now starts with her unique crop as well as a dildo and onahole
Added Oiled handicap
Added Furry opponents handicap if Kat is unlocked
Added Aisha Night Off scene by WT Cash
Added Ginette toy testing scene by Scrublord
Added Kat 2nd sparring scene by Whitman
Added sliders on character creation for starting stats and progression
Added Cassie anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Eve anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Mara footjob victory scene by DJ Writer
Added Mara tickle defeat scene by Scrublord
Added Mara Kat threesome scene by Game Salamander
Added 2nd Yui streaking scene by DJ Writer
Added Yui Bunshin Assault training scene by Whitman
Added Reyka frustration scene by DosRhev
Added Reyka draw scene by DosRhev
Added Reyka defeat scene by Scrublord
Added Reyka victory scene by Scrublord
Added Reyka anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Samantha non-intercourse draw scene by Napebaf
Added Kat anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Kat defeat scene when player is feral by Scrublord
Added Kat footjob victory scene by Game Salamander
Added Samantha 3rd daytime scene
Added Samantha daytime sex scene by Game Salamander
Added Jewel anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Jewel defeat scene if she loses while in dominant position by Scrublord
Added Jewel daytime sex scene by Scrublord
Added Yui Anal defeat scene by Napebaf
Added Valerie and Justine night off scene by Napebaf
Added Justine training scene by Napebaf
Added Valerie sex scene 3 by Napebaf
Added Valerie games scene 3 by Napebaf
Added Valerie sparring scene 3 by Napebaf
Added Angel draw scene by Scrublord
Added Angel sex scene 3 by Game Salamander
Added Cassie victory scene with faerie by Game Salamander
Added Dominate training scene with Rin by Scrublord
Font Size option now has a much broader range
Added Contender specialization, which Cassie gets at Rank 4
Added the ability to challenge Zoe to pool. Victory or loss is currently random scaling with max Mojo
Added Zoe first defeat scene by Fapworthy Diction
Added Zoe first victory scene by Scrublord
Added new Gaunlet defeat scene if you lose to Angel

Hand proficiency bonuses now apply to Fondle Breasts
Rewrote the formulas for detecting opponents in nearby areas
Removed player from list of characters NPCs will hang out with during the day
Bronze Cock now also applies to AssFuck
Maya no longer uses Strip Tease
Angel now starts with bonus max arousal and cash
Jewel now starts with bonus max stamina
Cassie now starts with bonus max mojo
Mara now starts with some consumables
Increased Eve's starting stats
Increased Valerie's starting stats and money
Increased Maya's starting stats
Increased Reyka's starting stats
Increased Samantha's starting money
Yui now starts with some needles and smoke bombs
Mara now gets small hands trait at rank 2
Reyka now gets limited potential trait at rank 3
Increased Enthralled's minimum duration by 2

Fixed a female faerie attack doing pain instead of pleasure
Added Flags to the scenes where you start dating most of the girls to ensure they play once. This may retrigger the scene for old saves.
Fixed a bug preventing Angel first dating scene from playing
Fixed Cassie's Overflowing Mana grudge not triggering
Fixed Angel's Seductress grudge not giving its bonus Seduction
Fixed Mara's Experimental Weaponry grudge not triggering
Fixed Jewel's Flash grudge not triggering
Fixed some flags not updating on load
Fixed Mage Armor Being available when not having sufficient mojo
Fixed Crop Expert bonus sometimes not being applied
Fixed Crop damage upgrades not affecting critical hits
Fixed Shy trait not affecting StripTease
Fixed Piston hitting twice
Fixed Exhibitionism training scene not triggering
Fixed wrong match number displaying at start of match
Fixed Oiled not giving it's escape bonus
Bondage Training scene now triggers at Fetish 3
Fixed Attributes not getting cleared on Load
Fixed match losses and grudges not clearing on load
Fixed Enthralling traps not disappearing after being triggered
Fixed Golden Cock challenge status listing Max Stamina instead of Max Arousal
Fixed Free Spirit feat not being available
Valerie's Sportsmanship trait now correctly restricts unsporting moves
Fixed Facesit enthralling the user instead of target when used by a succubus
NPCs can now theoretically earn rewards for completing Challenges (Their AI is probably not smart enough though)
Fixed intercourse proficiency being applied twice
Fixed a couple of Valerie's defeat scene triggering on victory

Premium Only:
Valerie Sex 1 CG
Gauntlet Victory CG
Cassie 2nd Night Off CG
Mara Jewel Threesome CG
Lilly Night Off CG

Night Games PW bugfix2 Premium by Silver Bard Games

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