WTF Happened to SVSComics

Hello dear friends. Let me explain wtf happened to SVSComics.COM.
I was in hospital, and during my stay in hospital we received complaint from our registrar.
Because I could not reply in time the registrar suspended domain name.
I sent all required documents now and wait for un-suspension.

I am very sorry that no official message was made on any social networks. I was recovering from surgery and had no access to the internet in hospital (. Again, I am very sorry, but the situation which I was in was so uncommon (((.

I also want to say thank you, to all those who sent emails and messages supporting and offering help. Thank you again guys and girls, it means a lot.

For now please feel free to visit us at SVSComics.CC

If you want to help us, please share our new domain on forums, websites, chan boards, anywhere you can ))) Will be very helpful.

I want to remind everyone to send DMCA notices hereскачать софт