Porn Game: Anduo Games Third Crisis version 0.7.5 win/android

Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

- Added new h-scene for the motel strip series that includes a CG set of 6 new images.
- Added replacements to some CG images in the other motel strip scenes.
- Added the job board to the bar where you can accept missions to defeat enemies for
- Added new scene that can be accessed via a special job from the job board.
- Added combat encounters with Lumber Rats to the Carcen Slums, also made a path to
freely walk to the Slums from Carceburg.
- Added Longwhip and Shortwhip weapons that deal Hybrid (lust and physical) damage.
- Added Tentacle Flogger weapon that deals lust damage and gives an ability to snare
enemies with tentacles.
- Added Detached Cock weapon that deals lust damage.
- Added Bukkake Blaster weapon that deals lust damage at range and covers the target
in cum (cum now takes away 5 lust defense and gives 5 lust power in combat).
- Added equipment durability and clothing damage that gets reflected with a set of
damage states for each outfit on Jenna (atm Jewel does not have damage states on her
clothes). Any physical, collision or shred damage taken gets distributed across all
equipped items with durability.
- Added a bunch of reactions to NPCs for when Jenna’s breasts or pussy are exposed
from torn clothing.
- Added ‘Shred’ damage type that doesn’t damage the target, but damages their clothes
- Added item shop UI so that you can quickly and easily purchase items from the Gear
- Added equipment stats to the UI.
- Added item tooltips to show all needed information of an item when you hover over it.
- Added ability tooltips to combat UI that explain what an ability does when you hover it.
- Added the Shredder enemy that tries to ‘Shred’ you naked before attacking you with his
Detached Cock.
- Added the Flogger enemy that tries to snare you up in tentacles to stop you from moving
using their Tentacle Flogger.
- Added the Healslut enemy that tries to heal her allies by performing oral on them.
- Added the Squirter enemy that deals lust damage in an area around the target by
squirting at them.
- Added Health Tonic item that heals 5 hp to Jenna when used (can be used during
combat) at the moment, items can’t be used on party members. This will be fixed in a
later update.
- Added indicators at the beginning of each turn to tell you whose turn it is, and how many
rounds it’s been.
- Added back victory and defeat UIs that pop up at the end of a combat.
- Added Cleaning Bottle item that allows you to remove ‘Stain’ effects like cum without
having to use the bucket or shower.
- Added a menu to load menu that allows you to get preset saves based on version
(instead of just ‘Skip Prologue’).
- Added winter effects to outdoor areas as a small holiday event only during the real-world
holiday season.
- Added console command that lists all available items that can be given with item.give.
- Modified Jewel’s ability names to seem more like dance moves to reflect her dancer
- Modified scenes featuring the Vibrosuit in CGs to only be playable while actually
wearing the Vibrosuit.
- Modified jacket slot so that Jenna can choose to not have a jacket on after the prologue.
- Modified perversion requirements to be 150 for being able to remove the pants and shirt
slots, allowing you to be naked in Carceburg (currently we don’t have NPCs reacting to
nakedness yet)..
- Modified punk outfit overworld sprites to reflect their proper dye color.
- Modified Dancer Dress overworld sprite to include the headpiece.
- Modified how the dialogue UI scales CG images to keep some quality instead of slightly
stretching the image.
- Fixed some input issues regarding UI.
- Fixed browser version of the game freezing when the browser gets alt-tabbed.
- Fixed browser loading errors on startup.
- Fixed Jenna’s hair having a line of transparent pixels.
- Fixed bug that allowed you to leave through the motel window while naked before
meeting the perversion requirement.
- Fixed unintended issue where you wouldn’t be able to access a lot of 0.6 content after
completing the Throb questline.
- Fixed a bug where hp bars wouldn’t display their proper value.
- Fixed countless little bugs.

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Anduo Games Third Crisis version 0.7.5 win/android

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