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The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living thing in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold it back from northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety...​

v0.33B (PTB)

Bug Fixes/Changes
- Fixed this error when trying to kiss Jensen: SyntaxError: Unexpected token "fee" ; expected one of Line: 1, Column: 92 – thanks for the numerous people that caught this!

- Fixed this error in the same batch of code, Error running script: Error compiling expression '"
After he informs you of his lewd intentions regarding your body so that you get the "fee" waved, you figure that his terms are not that bad. You've had people ask for much worse than this before. {if player.lust<=5: Sure, you aren't feeling particularly into this's only for a moment or two}{if player.lust>=6: You can't help but wonder if you're wanting this because your pretty turned on and possibly attention deprived}. You give a compliant shrug of your shoulders and approach the back of the wagon but not before glancing around at the rest of the caravan to check and make sure nobody's watching. Lucky or not, everyone else seems preoccupied. "" +
- Fixed Error running script: Error compiling expression 'this.kiss = True': CompareElement: Operation 'Equal' is not defined for types 'LazyLoadScript' and 'Boolean'

- Fixed a metric crap-ton of errors with Aaleahya's remaster and trying to get everything to work for her. Oh my god, this took like 3 days more than I thought it was going to. BUT she should be error free now.... *fingers crossed*

Game Expansion
- I’ve finished remastering the Favor Option with Rold.

- I’ve finished the new dialogue option with Rold, Accept Favor.

- I’ve finished Aaleahya’s remaster.

- New scene with Aaleahya in the Withered Snag, Guest Bedroom. A Choice Prompt will be coming in the next update for this scene.

- The new Save/Load is still currently being developed! I’ll let you guys know more when I do.

- I’ve finished remastering the Favor Option with Rold which will unlock a second Accept Favor dialogue. The Favor Remaster dialogue takes into account whether or not you’ve met the Wolf-Taur and the Glob in the Experimentation Cells and changes subtle things about the way Rold talks to the Player. This part of the conversation is mostly about the threat of the Assimilists and their involvement in the Whispering Thicket.

- I’ve finished the new dialogue option with Rold, Accept Favor. This dialogue option is mostly Aaleahya’s introduction and assignment to the Player. Hopefully you guys find her super cute! He also assigns you which box you need to go and get. I’ve made it extra tricky too! Mwahahah! That way it’s more of a puzzle than simply remembering.

- I’ve begun the remastered the various package descriptions in the Storage Room in the Withered Snag to coincide with the new puzzle of finding the correct box.
There is:
Dark Brown Cylindrical Package
Light Brown Package
Light Brown Cylindrical Package
Dark Brown Package
Light Brown Package
Dark Beige Package
Dark Bronze Package
Dark Brown Package
The trick is finding the one that matches exactly how Rold describes it BUT he uses very scientific terms and measurements! Good luck!
*NOTE: Not all the boxes have been remastered yet.

- I’ve finished Aaleahya’s remaster, this is the Player’s first companion but you can miss her if you are thrown in the Experimentation Cells or if you are mean to her during her introduction. She’s sensitive and sensible but very playful :p. If you do not receive her, don’t worry, she is one of four or five planned active companions. I’ve decided that companions will follow the Player around instead of being carried in the Player’s inventory. This means all Companions for the time being will appear in the Surroundings Pane. Aaleahya starts off with 0 Defense and 30 Health.

A) Aaleahya’s description changes based the Player’s Dominant Mood. Aaleahya starts with 60 relationship points (friend) no matter what your Dominant Mood is. Like all the other NPCs you can gain extra Relationship points depending on your Charm Skill and your Speciality. You can start raising and lowering these Relationship points as soon as interactions between you and the character begin popping up. The Withered Snag/Goblin House will have one major interaction that you can find.

B) She has six unique interactions:
Switch On: Aaleahya has 5 different and randomized interactions for ‘Switching On’ her brightness (which allows the Player to see in dark places). Obviously, this bright light source doesn’t forever. She has 15 Flame Strength --- meaning every turn she is Switched On, it removes a point of Flame Strength. It takes 100 turns for her Flame Strength to replenish as well.

Switch Off: You can ‘Switch Off’ her brightness anytime you want to conserve Flame Strength. The moment her Flame Strength isn’t full anymore, it will begin to recharge (after 100 turns it will return to 15 which is her max Flame Strength).

Kiss Her: You have the option to ‘Kiss’ Aaleahya anytime that you want but unless your Relationship is 99, it’ll make her uncomfortable and she’ll insist on being friends. If you do this 3 times, you will be Friendzoned. Once a Player is Friendzoned with a Companion you can never be in a relationship with them, nor can you be intimate.

Confess To Her: This option isn’t usable until you’ve kissed Aaleahya. Once she has been kissed, the Player can ‘confess to her’ which will turn her into a ‘Lover’. From here, Sex Scenes will become available but they aren’t written yet.

Send Away: You have the option to ‘Send Away’ Companions anytime that you wish. If you click Send Away, you will be prompted with a warning that sending a Companion away is permanent. This menu can be ignored. You also cannot send Aaleahya away until you’ve retrieved the Package that Rold is looking for.

Flame Attack: Flame Attack is a special attack that Aaleahya can use against enemies (once I get that bit programmed in; working on it). In order to use it, her Flame Strength must be completely full (15 Flame Strength). Once used, the Player will not be able to Switch On or Flame Attack unless Aaleahya has recovered (100 turns).

Be Intimate: Once you become Lovers with Aaleahya, you’ll unlock a new verb, Be Intimate. This is where sex scenes will happen.
Following: If the Companion is following the Player, clicking this option will stop the Companion from following. Clicking the option while you are NOT being followed will resume the Companion’s following. Click it again will resume the Follow.

C) Aaleahya also has a new scene that can trigger if you have her when you enter the downstairs Guest Bedroom. It’s a short little scene and interaction with her that gives some insight to her flame powers. In the next update, I will be adding several more scenes (probably three more) in various spaces throughout the house, each prompting a choice for the Player to make that will affect their Relationship Points with Aaleahya. ^_^ She will also be present in the final conversation with Rold and in the finale of Chapter 1 if she is in your party.

- New NPCs in the Caravan with unique descriptions.
Pascal: Pascal is a halfling who is also a leather worker by trade. She has a 25% chance to give the Player 1-8 gold and now has both her dialogue options completed; she also reminds the Player that they can REST on the cot inside of the tent that they were went by the Caravan group. Her completion concludes the main section of the Caravan encounter.

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Anonynn - Apocamorphosis - Version 0.33B PTB

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